TRAVERTINO STYLE - is a natural lime coating suitable for interior and exterior use. This material beautifully conveys medieval Italian style, as well as effectively fit into modern interiors. The product creates a strong, abrasion-resistant and durable finish. The use of tinted wax will give an additional effect and would lead to a variety of colors and accentuate texture. This...


Decorative coating CANYON with the natural limestone effect completely transform your walls, giving them the original structure. Unique coating creates a special sense of depth and naturalness of inartificial stone cut. Even by touch this coating repeats stone roughness, which hides the ancient secrets. The fine quartz pebbles and sand grains which are contained in the material, form...

Grotto main

Decorative coating GROTTO, based on natural lime, is now widely used for decorating interiors and facades . This material has a high vapor permeability and anti-fungal properties. Idealy for use in wet areas. GROTTO is a great opportunity to create your own unique interior with a variety of decorative solutions. Thanks to its special composition, using different application...


Decorative coating for interior work ITAKA, made ​​in the old masters' tradition, recreates the warm and cozy atmosphere at your home. As if you are transported into the distant past. ITAKA goes well with all sorts of styles - from "old" to "modern". This coating is ideal for both home furnishing and commercial places like offices, restaurants, shops.


SAHARA - it is a nacreous coating used for interior work. Elegant and natural charm coating imparts a combination of quartz particles and pearlescent base. This material is very easy to apply. Available in two bases SILVER and GOLD. Also available in the base WHITE GOLD for the order.

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Decorative coating PERSIA allows you to create different kinds of textures for interior decoration, using different application techniques. The combination of fine particles of marble and pearl base creates an unusually grand, noble appearance. Soluble material, is available in three bases: WHITE, SILVER and GOLD. WHITE base differs from the SILVER one with its increased whiteness and...


Decorative coating for interior work MURANO – is a venetian plaster, created using natural mineral fillers and acrylic binders. This luxurious material creates the effect of polished marble. The special formula allows us to achieve the saturated colors together with the economic consumption of dyes. Tinting is produced with the universal dyes, not more than 6% by weight of the...


AFRICA decorative coating meets the latest global trends in interior decoration fashionable ethnic style. Thanks to its special composition and use of special tools, you can create multi-coating - the crocodile skin imitation, snake skin imitation, elephant, tortoise shell, etc. This is a unique opportunity to create your own unique interior with a variety of decorative solutions....

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TOSCANA – is a natural limestone decorative material for interior and exterior use. Due to the special types of mineral fillers coating obtains a matt effect. Different application techniques of this decorative coating can give an opportunity to get structures, which imitate natural materials. A natural mica, as a part of the material, gives additional effect. TOSCANA is...

Marmorino Style

MARMORINO STYLE - is a natural limebased decorative coating, it was created on the base of the modern technologies and Italian masters' secrets. Thanks to its high strength and moisture resistance, MARMORINO STYLE can be used for both interior and exterior works. Properties of this unique decorative material allow to repeat the structure of natural marble. MARMORINO STYLE creates...


RIVIERA decorative coating creates smooth patina effect, adding harmony and comfort of Mediterranean villas to your interior. Create a haven at home, relax from the city rush and enjoy the harmony of comfort and homeliness. This environmentally friendly coating is specifically created for those who are interested in new trends in design, architecture and interior decoration.


Decorative coating COUNTRY will perfectly fit to the rustic style amateurs. The material high plasticity allows to give a variety of sometimes intricate shape of the surface, which makes it possible to create a unique relief in a full accordance with your taste. Applying the pearlescent varnishes allows the coating to look perfectly in the modern interiors.


Decorative coating COLISEUM is specifically designed for facades. Through the use of reinforcing fibers in addition to excellent decorative effect, COLISEUM has excellent strength characteristics. This coating will allow your home to look advantageous above all others: it transmits alluring charm of Italian courtyards, calm luxuries of the palace gardens. The use of pearlescent...


PALAZZO - is a decorative coating specially designed for facades. Due to the synthetic reinforcing fibers and fillers contained in the composition PALAZZO, in addition to excellent decorative effect, the coating has excellent strength characteristics. The special structure of the material allows you to get a variety of texture surface. PALAZZO help highlight the exterior of your home,...


Decorative coating for interior works MIRAGE will perfectly fit to the refined style lovers. The unique, velvet-like surface texture with the original metallic and pearlescent structure gives a special charm to the interior. The material is very easy to apply and comfortable to the touch. Available in two bases - SILVER and GOLD. Also available in WHITE GOLD base under the order.

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ILLUSION coating is a smooth decorative coating with sparkling-pearlescent particles and golden and silvery beads. Originality of this material gives the ability to change the visual appearance depending on the direction of light, which makes this material original and unique. ILLUSION differs from other similar coatings with its high durability. Available in two bases SILVER and...

Sahara Premium

SAHARA PREMIUM - this is a super-modern coating that reflects the latest trends in the interior design. It picked up an unusually bright and sparkling pearlescent pigments of different fractions. From the decorative coating SAHARA this material features enhanced pearlizers spillover, sparkling metallic particles. Available in two bases: SILVER and WHITE GOLD.


FEERIE – is a modern pearly coating used for interior work. Sparkling combination of base and round glass crystals give this material individuality and unique beauty. Also FEERIE includes sparkling pearlescent particles that create a shimmering effect. This product is a high-strength coating, which is very easy to apply. Available in the bases: WHITE, SILVER WHITE, GOLD. Also...


Decorative coating for interior work ATOLL interspersed with white minerals reflects current trends in the art of the interior decoration. Asymmetric grains paint reminds fabulous snow patterns on a frozen glass. It emanates from the walls, as if covered with frost, of the light coolness and freshness. Decorative coating allows boldly experimenting with shapes and colors and is ideal...

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PAPYRUS decorative coating with embossed paper texture goes well with any style of interior, whether it is classic, modern or exclusive design and fashion trends. Thanks to the original coating method by laminating the walls with thin, but at the same time very strong paper, the surface is still no seams or joints. Original solution for decorating ceilings. This is a unique...