The company "MVA" offers limitless possibilities for the realization of any architectural and design projects with innovative solutions and materials. The use of integrated solutions allows to achieve the unsurpassed comfort and aesthetics, as well as guarantees the reliability and practicality of all materials.


We are ready to provide the opportunity to use a thematic library, including rare architecture and design  books as well as the latest innovations issues in this area.
Our experts visit exhibitions and presentations abroad, which allows them to remain competent and be aware of all the innovations in the world of decorative coatings. Therefore, visiting your premises, they offer not only classic variants of interior solutions, but also the most advanced ones, in process of  studying and taking into account the tastes of your customers.
You have an opportunity to get the samples of all our products, there are also video tutorials for applying our decorative materials, using a variety of techniques and tools.


Today, we work with all the leading designers of Odessa and Kiev.
Our brand "ElfDekor" is known in almost all cities of Ukraine  - from Lviv to Crimea.
Giving your preference to products of TM "ElfDekor" multiple benefits are opening to you.

 There are equipped conference studios in our stores where the training seminars for decorative coatings regularly take place. We offer an opportunity of free visits to all of our showrooms, consultations with our experts - technologists and participation in our seminars.