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Water-soluble polysiloxane emulsion to create water-repellent properties of porous building materials.
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facades, interiors
silane-siloxanes aqueous emulsion
6-8 m²/l
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Ready-to-use water-soluble polysiloxane emulsion to create water-repellent properties of porous building materials. Suitable as a base: brick, silicate brick, concrete, porous concrete, mineral, acrylic and lime paints and plasters, granite, sandstone and more. Protects the surface from the effects of precipitation. It has a strong antifungal and anti-efflorescence effect. Does not form a film and does not change the degree of vapor permeability and the appearance of the surface.

Appearance: homogeneous milky liquid

Terms and conditions of storage: 18 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the lid, in sealed plastic containers at a temperature of +5°C to + 30°C.


  • Penetrates into the processed material, creating a water-repellent vapor-permeable layer
  • Protects against biological corrosion and fungus
  • Does not change the structure and appearance of materials
  • Resistant to alkalis and UV-light
  • Does not create a noticeable “film effect” on the surface
  • Does not interfere with interlayer adhesion
  • Has a low tendency to efflorescence
Application technologies

Before applying the water repellent agent, it is necessary to clean the surface of contaminants and plaster areas that peel off, as well as substances that prevent adhesion: for example, oils, fats or other contaminants. The treatment should be carried out in dry weather, the temperature of the surface to be treated should be in the range from +5°C to +30°C. Do not work in the rain. Shake well before use. After finishing work, wash the tool with water.

Apply evenly to a dry and clean surface with a roller, brush, brush or spray gun until the surface is completely saturated. If the surface is not uniformly absorbed, repeat the treatment. The hydrophobic effect occurs within 6 hours after application.


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