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Today, the SCAGLIOLA system is widely used in the construction, repair and restoration industry. This type of coating conveys the versatility and complexity of the pattern much brighter than Venetian decorative plaster.

The Scagliola technique came into fashion in the 17th century and is still used in modern architecture today.

Scagliola is a special multi-component mixture consisting of fired gypsum, stabilizer, alum, glue, chalk, lime and dyes. It allows you to imitate marble, onyx and other natural stones. The finished coating effectively fits into classic and modern interiors, complementing them. Giving preference to products from the manufacturer, you will get a beautiful, solid and durable coating in your apartment or your house.

Benefits of Scagliola Technology

  • A wide variety of color schemes allows you to create chic interiors with columns, wall panels and stucco.
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of complex drawings.
  • The material has an affordable cost in comparison with natural stone.
  • Plastic, non-shrinking mixtures allow you to recreate the effect of artificial marble on large areas - walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Possibility of drawing on difficult surfaces.
  • Resistance to high humidity and mechanical damage.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Flawless surface finish.

Buy SCAGLIOLA system

Elf Decor produces products for the SCAGLIOLA system, which allow you to bring the most daring designs to life. We produce products from premium quality raw materials with strict adherence to technology - that's why finishing materials are easy to use, safe and durable to use.

You can order the Scagliola system with delivery in Ukraine at online shops of our partners. Current prices and consultation are provided as well as delivery to the specified city of your order is available. We guarantee original product, high quality and impeccable results.

Is an authentic decorative finishing system known in Italy since the Middle Ages.
SCAGLIOLA SYSTEM can be used in interiors on almost any surface — walls, ceilings, columns, arches and even furniture can be “dressed” in the rich texture of polished marble.

And when used in combination with ELFLOOR SYSTEM products, you can achieve an exquisite marble floor. This is an exclusive and unique decorative solution that will not leave anyone indifferent.
The essence of the system
The essence of the SCAGLIOLA SYSTEM is the step-by-step use of several ELF DECOR™ products:

- STUCCO ART decorative coating that is based on high quality Italian lime — ultra-thin Venetian plaster, ready to use, which is the aesthetic basis of the system;
- STABILIZER — a special agent used as a second component in combination with a lime coating directly to create a plastic "marble dough";
- GLUE MIX — a high-strength and wear-resistant glue that allows you to apply the resulting "marble dough
Coating Benefits
- cheaper than natural marble;
- much easier to use/to install;
- all the same natural and ecological materials;
- can be used on difficult surfaces;
- you can choose shades and an approximate drawing;
- looks amazing.

Products of the system SCAGLIOLA

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