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14.05.2020 | Sale

The Elf Decor team has two very good news! ⠀

Firstly, we again open the doors of our stores and salons for you!

We will be glad to welcome all customers and partners after such a long break, we miss you! ⠀
Secondly, we decided to please you with a pleasant offer on facade coverings! Until the end of May you have the opportunity to purchase the following materials with discounts:
Palazzo -20%
Coliseum - 15%
Castello Fine - 10%
Castello Silicone - 10%
Vintage Velatura Siloxane - 10% ⠀

And also, we want to introduce you to our new interior coating Persia Light, and in honor of this acquaintance we also give you a 30% discount! ⠀

Terms of action:
✓ The promotion is valid from 05/14/2020 until 05/31/2020
✓ Discounts apply to all packaging of these products.
✓ You can purchase goods at a discount in the Elf Decor company salons in Odessa, Odessa, Kiev, metro Nikolaev.
✓ The discount on this promotion is not cumulative with other discounts and does not apply simultaneously with other promotional offers.

If you have any questions, we will answer you by phone +380 48 726 58 73 +380 48 726 54 09

14.05.2020 | Sale