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Quartz floor

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Self-leveling floors have an attractive look and have pretty much replaced the classic floor tiles with seams. Modern quartz floors are made from quartz agglomerate, polyurethane or epoxy resin. The components provide a strong bond, which makes quartz flooring the optimal solution for public spaces.

Self-leveling floor mixtures are one-component and two-component, depending on the composition.

One-component compounds are poured in a thin layer - up to 1 mm. They are completely ready to work: the mixture must be mixed and poured.

Two-component formulations are shock and heavy-duty resistant.

The advantages of a quartz floor:

  • Forms a smooth seamless fabric with a high degree of tightness;
  • High degree of moisture resistance;
  • Thanks to the binders of the fraction, the floor does not form dust;
  • High degree of wear resistance and resistance to increased loads;
  • Does not react with detergents and disinfectants;
  • Does not release toxic compounds into the air even when exposed to temperature;
  • The surface is non-slip, which makes the floor safe for workers;
  • Doesn't require expensive maintenance;
  • Poor combustion support

Quartz flooring will be an excellent solution for trading floors, showrooms, cafes and restaurants, offices, gyms.

Types of quartz floors:

  • Rough epoxy quartz floor. The most wear-resistant type of coating. Withstands heavy abrasive loads, easy to clean;
  • Textured epoxy quartz floor. It has a slight roughness, but at the same time has good anti-slip properties. It is considered an economical option for a self-leveling floor with good characteristics;
  • Smooth epoxy quartz finish. Has a smoother surface with a light texture

Order quartz flooring
On the website of the company 'Elf Decor' you can familiarize yourself with the complete catalog of goods and current prices for quartz flooring. We are manufacturers of products, therefore we guarantee original quality. Interior decorative floor coverings based on quartz sand and a two-component polyurethane binder are produced with strict adherence to technological schemes and using premium quality raw materials.

In the online store of our partners, you can choose a quartz floor covering and place an order delivery to your city. 

Quartz floor Ecofloor
ELFLOOR - an innovative system of decorative finishing for walls and floors. Can be used in rooms with low and medium traffic intensity.
ELFLOOR is an innovative decorative finishing system for vertical and horizontal surfaces based on quartz sand and two-component polyurethane varnish. The floor and the wall are now the only continuous covering. Choose your style and embody any design fantasies and solutions!
The essence of the system
The essence of the ELFLOOR system is the step-by-step application of several ELF DECOR™ products:

- decorative coatings based on quartz sand ELFLOOR BASE and ELFLOOR FINISH - ready-to-use pastes that are convenient to tint in any color and are easy to apply;
- two-component polyurethane varnish VARNISH PROTECT 2K - an ultra-durable coating, which is available in a glossy and matte version of your choice;
- special hardener ELFLOOR HARDENER - used as a second component to achieve high strength
Benefits of coverage
The material has a special rheology that makes it easy to apply on both horizontal and vertical substrates. A cement screed, leveling compound, marble chips, concrete, ceramic tiles can be used as a base. In the case of decorating furniture or countertops, the base must be solid, firmly assembled and not have moving cracks or crevices.

Products of the system QUARTZ FLOOR ECOFLOOR

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