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Система ThermoELF

Modern facade insulation system for any houses and structures.
It is very important that when insulating the facade, all components used are compatible with each other, cooperate with each other at the physico-chemical level and together give exactly the expected result of an attractive facade outside and comfortable warm microclimate without excess moisture inside for many years.
The essence of the system
The ThermoELF system is very simple! Just 4 steps to your warm facade:

Step 1. Preparation of the base and installation of support profiles.
Step 2. Gluing of heat-insulating plates with use of KM193 and mechanical fastening of plates by dowels.
Step 3. Sanding slabs and applying a reinforcing layer of AM195 with glass mesh.
Step 4. Applying quartz primer and decorative plaster.

Everything, your home is now warm thanks to the ThermoELF system!
System A
If you use polystyrene foam boards for insulation, it is better to apply acrylic materials of the ThermoELF system - quartz primer Acryl-PutzGrund 117 and decorative plasters of the Acryl-Fassadenputz series.
System В
If you use mineral wool boards for insulation, you must use materials of the ThermoELF system with the addition of silicone - quartz primer Silikon-PutzGrund 118 and decorative plasters of the Silikon-Fassadenputz series.
Why ThermoELF?
1. High-quality thermal insulation is the key to a pleasant microclimate in the room.

2. Low cost of materials - saving your money.

3. Wide color palette - the uniqueness of solutions for facades.

4. Increased fire resistance is the basis of safety.

5. High strength system - the basis of reliability and durability.

6. Systematic and reliable - the desired result.

Products of the system THERMOELF

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