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Decorative coatings
Decorative coatings
In the assortment of Elf Decor more than 50 types of unique and trendy decorative coatings.
The effect of wet silk
The effect of wet silk
It is used to create romantic interiors in bedrooms, living rooms, corridors, hotel rooms, for design of offices, spa centers, for zoning of premises.
Effect of concrete
Effect of concrete
Are you a fan of loft, industrial and constructivism? We have something to offer you!
Liquid metal effect
Liquid metal effect
Perfect for experiments and extraordinary interior solutions.
Quartz floor Elfloor
Quartz floor Elfloor
Innovative system of decorative finishing for walls and floors.
Comprehensive service
Comprehensive service
Decorative finishing "turnkey" from the manufacturer - what could be more reliable?
Bright portfolio
Bright portfolio
We confirm beautiful words with our projects that we are proud of.
Branded showrooms across Ukraine
Branded showrooms across Ukraine
Do you want to get to know us better? We invite you to our showrooms.
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Over 20 years of experience in finishing materials
Quality control of production at all stages
Guarantee of high strength and eternal look of coatings
Briefly about us
Quality Control
The main goal of ELF DECOR is the quality of our products.

Creating our materials we focus not only on aesthetics, but also on operational characteristics. Strength, durability and unchanged appearance of the coating after many years - this is about ELF DECOR.



Our company has a certificate of the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001, which confirms the quality control of products at all stages of its production.

Briefly about us
Eco-friendly materials
We manufacture products exclusively from imported premium-grade raw materials.

We treat the environment and the health of our customers very carefully. And we know for sure that our products can cause no harm to anyone.


We selected the best, environmentally friendly components for the production of decorative coatings, which are imported to our production base from Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

Briefly about us
Over 20 years experience
We produce finishing materials since 1999.

We are the first in Ukraine to master the production of decorative coatings based on high-quality slaked lime. We really understand what we do.


The idea of creating ELF DECOR emerged after many years of experience in the production of ELF ™ building and finishing materials and the successful work of our salons, representing decorative coatings of leading world brands.

Briefly about us
The whole complex of decor
We work "turnkey": tinted in color, applied to the walls.

Choosing this option of cooperation with ELF DECOR, you can be sure that all work will be performed qualitatively and, of course, in compliance with all technological requirements.


We can produce tinted materials in the desired color for any color catalog. And our accredited master decorators are able to perform the application of decorative coatings, regardless of the size and complexity of the project.

Briefly about us
Оpen to Сooperation
We are glad to new business relations and actively support our partners.

ELF DECOR is a reliable partner who will make every effort for fruitful cooperation.


We are ready to offer our new partners the most favorable conditions for doing business. And providing technical, advertising and marketing support will assure you of the seriousness of our intentions.

Features of our decorative coatings

Hydrated lime based plasters
Naturalness and naturalness come first. High strength and resistance to dirt. Due to alkali, which is a part of the material, high vapor permeability and bactericidal properties are provided, preventing the appearance of mold and fungus.
TRAVERTINO STYLE – the material recreating the cut of travertine stone perfectly conveys medieval Italian style, as well as effectively complements any modern interior.
GROTTO – multi-texture coating, which allows you to get completely different patterns depending on the technique of drawing, our best-seller.
TOSCANA – matte plaster with inlay of natural mica, ideal for imitation of various natural materials, and also looks stunningly in the texture for concrete.
ART STONE — our novelty, the coating, which allows to achieve the imitation of natural stone and rocky rocks, the ideal solution for classical lovers, the rustic style and those who follow the eco-trends.
Acrylic and silicone plasters
The basis is the resin, due to which excellent finish characteristics are achieved. This type of coating has high rates of durability, moisture resistance and elasticity.
ILLUSION — smooth material with velvet effect and a sparkling pearl overflow, elegant and simple solution for almost any interior.
CASTELLO — facade decorative plaster with a filler in the form of natural ground travertine, super strong and mega-beautiful coating for your home.
PERSIA — decorative coating created by combining small particles of marble and mother of pearl base, allowing to obtain a variety of textures depending on the method of application.
URBANIA — our new, decorative material for interior and exterior, created specifically for the bold and fashionable design and architectural solutions in the style of luxury industrial.
FEERIE — ultra-modern coating based on mother-of-pearl base and filler in the form of round glass crystals, the simplest in the application, but fascinating glance.

Where to buy

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Get the address of your nearest dealer
If there is no showroom in your city, we will help you to buy our products from our dealers, in the most convenient place for you.

Leading manufacturer of decorative coatings and plasters - Elf Decor

Company Creation

Elf Decor™ was created in 2006. The idea of ​​its creation came after five years of experience in the production of building materials of Elf™, as well as the successful work of our stores, representing decorative coatings of well-known European manufacturers. The range of our brand includes the most modern and sophisticated materials. In addition to products of our own production, the collection includes products of world leaders in this industry, which, in our opinion, perfectly complemented the range of Elf Decor™.

Our niche

Over the past years, we have taken our niche in all market segments: from professional author's interiors to more budgetary tender facilities and democratic repairs. All materials are made from the best, environmentally friendly premium-class raw materials. The main components of decorative coatings are imported to our production base from Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

New coatings

Creating new materials, our specialists are always guided by the latest world trends in decor and design. We are proud to be the first in Ukraine to master the production of decorative coatings based on high-quality lime. The composition of these materials includes only natural ingredients and old recipes are used. Thanks to this, a group of our most popular coatings has been created - such as GROTTO, TRAVERTINO STYLE, TOSCANA and MARMORINO STYLE. At this moment, we are working towards expanding the range of lime-based decorative coatings.


We have formed a team of decorators. They constantly couch new applicators on seminars and pass on their skills and experience in applying our materials.

Quality product

Based on the foregoing, we can confidently say that choosing products of TM 'Elf Decor', you get a product of excellent quality, the creation of which involves a highly qualified team of fans of their craft, the production of which uses the best recipes and high-quality raw materials.