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Building primer

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It is impossible to imagine carrying out repair work without the use of primer. A primer for walls is applied to the surface before plastering, painting, wallpapering etc. The composition improves adhesion and prevents peeling of finishing materials. The primer is widely used in the construction industry for finishing all types of surfaces:

  • Concrete;
  • Cement;
  • Brick;
  • Drywall.

Wall priming is a safe process. The primer does not emit toxic components and an unpleasant odor, therefore it can be used to treat walls in the bedroom and nursery. There are primers for outdoor and indoor use.

Primer benefits:

  • Reduces consumption of finishing materials;
  • Provides color uniformity;
  • Eliminates the formation of cracks;
  • Fills small scratches on the wall;
  • Primer for liquid wallpaper increases adhesion and prevents wallpaper from moving away from the wall.

Popular types of primers:

  • Aquastop - this primer is used before painting the walls of balconies and loggias. Condensation collects in the walls of balconies and loggias, therefore, before starting finishing work, it is necessary to use a primer. Aquastop allows you to get hard water-repellent coatings and is compatible with various bases - brick, concrete, cement, gypsum, aerated concrete and others;
  • Building primer. Biocide is designed to prevent the contamination of fungi on cement, lime and other mineral surfaces. The biocide penetrates the structure of the mineral base, improves adhesion and reduces the absorbency of the material. The use of Biocide reduces the consumption of paint and wallpaper paste, ensures uniform distribution of the finishing material;
  • Primer with quartz sand - is a special building mixture for increasing the adhesion of smooth and dense materials. The composition of the primer includes quartz sand. It is used to improve the adhesion of plaster, putty, tile, adhesive with dense bases - ceramic blocks or reinforced concrete. The composition can use various components of the adhesive mixture - acrylic, latex, combined etc.;
  • Vinyl primer. Deep penetration primer is used to isolate chemically incompatible materials (e.g. lime plasters and acrylic varnishes) and creates an elastic film on the surface, which additionally protects the coating

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Where to buy a primer before painting

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