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Silicone decorative plasters

Inexpensive to buy silicone plaster from the manufacturer

Initially, silicone-based mixtures were used for the restoration of buildings - the material is not afraid of moisture and does not attract dust, it is simple and easy to use. Today silicone decorative plaster is used to finish the facade of buildings. Due to its static properties, the plaster repels dust, which makes it the optimal finishing material for houses located along highways, in the suburbs and in the city center.

If you are planning a renovation in your house, don't forget about the facade. After all, finishing the facade is not just an aesthetic procedure that will give the house a beautiful look, but also solidity and comfort inside.

Advantages of silicone plaster

Various materials are used for exterior and interior decoration. You can review the range of products in our catalogue, learn more about the quality of the material, options and pricing policy. All products are in stock.

  • Carefully selected ingredients. The coating contains silicone resin, filler with mineral fabrics and materials, silicate, strength additives.
  • High resistance to dust, sunlight, wind, frost, heat
  • Wall crack protection
  • Self cleaning
  • Hygienic - fungi do not start on the surface of the coating
  • Ease of apply
  • Affordable cost

And silicone decorative plaster can be painted over. Or add pigments to the plaster to get the desired shade. But if you did not like the original color, the plaster can be repainted. The material is safe for health and the environment. It is easy and simple to work even without professional skills.

Where can silicone decorative plaster be used?

Silicone plaster is suitable for exterior and interior work in a private house, office, finishing the facade of apartments and balconies.

You can order silicone decorative plaster at a bargain price from our partners. On our website you can review the types of plaster and evaluate the advantages of products:

  • High quality
  • Strength
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Ease of use

Choosing a high-quality and reliable finishing material, you will be sure of an impeccable result. You can get advice from the manager and choose the best option. Promotions, discounts, sales will allow you to order products with delivery cheaper in the online store of our partners. Choose convenient terms of cooperation - our partner sites will offer wholesale and retail sales, as well as cash on delivery upon receipt.


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