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Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection

In order to improve the quality of service and the security of storing our users' data, we inform you about what kind of data we collect and how we use it on our website (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

We respect the confidential information of any person who visits our site, therefore, based on the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine and the regulations of the European Parliament and the Council, we have prepared this Privacy Policy (hereinafter - the Policy).

1. Basic concepts

The personal site is located on the Internet at

The management of this site (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) is carried out by the Firma “MVA” TOV, EDRPOU code 22477398, a legal entity registered and acting in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). Email address:

User - an individual or legal entity, posted his personal information using the feedback form on the site with the subsequent purpose of transferring data to the Site Administration.

Feedback form is a special form where the User places his personal information in order to transfer data to the Site Administration.

2. General provisions

2.1. This Privacy Policy is an official typical document of the Site Administration and determines the procedure for processing and protecting information about individuals and legal entities using the Feedback Form on the Site.

2.2. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to ensure proper protection of user information, incl. his personal data from unauthorized access and disclosure.

2.3. Relations related to the collection, storage, distribution and protection of information about users are governed by this Privacy Policy and the current legislation of Ukraine.

2.4. The current edition of the Privacy Policy is a public document developed by the Site Administration and is available to any Internet User by clicking on the "Privacy Policy" hypertext link.

2.5. The site administration has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy.

2.6. When making changes to the Privacy Policy, the Site Administration informs the user about this by posting a new version of the Privacy Policy on the Site

2.7. When a new edition of the Privacy Policy is posted on the Site, the previous edition is stored in the archive of the Site Administration documentation.

2.8. By using the Feedback Form, the User agrees to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

2.9. The site administration does not verify the accuracy of the information received (what is collected) about the user.


3.1. User's personal data such as: name, surname, patronymic, e-mail, phone are transferred by the User to the Site Administration with the consent of the user.

3.2. The transfer of personal data by the User to the Site Administration through the feedback form means the user's consent to the transfer of his personal data.

3.3. The site administration processes information about the user, incl. his personal data, such as: name, surname, patronymic, e-mail, telephone, as well as additional information about the user, provided by him at will: organization, city, position, etc. in order to fulfill obligations to the user of the site.

3.4. Personal data processing is carried out on the basis of the principles:

a) the legality of the purposes and methods of processing personal data and good faith;

b) the compliance of the purposes of processing personal data with the purposes predetermined and declared in the collection of personal data;

c) the correspondence of the volume and nature of the processed personal data, the method of processing personal data and the purposes of processing personal data;

d) inadmissibility of combining databases containing personal data created for incompatible purposes.

3.5. The site administration processes the user's personal data with his consent in order to provide services / sell goods offered on the Site.

3.6. Use of Cookies

A cookie is a text file or files containing a small amount of information that are sent by the web browser and stored on the user's device. Such devices include a computer, mobile phone or other device with which the user visits the Site. Cookies can be eternal (they are called persistent cookies) and are stored on the computer until the user deletes them, or temporary (these cookies are called session cookies), that is, they are stored only until the browser is closed. In addition, cookies are divided into essential (they are installed directly by the visited site) and third-party (installed by other sites).


• when the user visits the site again, the cookie data is updated;

• in most cases, the default web browser allows automatic storage of cookies on the user's device;

• disabling cookies may lead to restriction of access to published materials and/or incomplete functioning of the services of the Site.

Examples of such data can be the following metrics: username, profile photo, information on comments left, site language, location, information about whether the user was provided with any information or selected benefits previously, as well as other site settings.

These cookies also allow users to watch videos, participate in interactive (polls, polls) and interact with social networks.

To make the experience after visiting the resource more pleasant, these cookies remember the information provided by the user, increasing the efficiency of interaction with the Site.

Cookies from third party services and analytics services:

For better display and detailed analysis of content on the Site, the Company uses services that are the property of other third-party companies, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and others.

Given as an example, companies may use cookies on the user's device while working on the Site. Please note that the Site cannot affect the operation of the cookies used by these services.

Google Analytics Terms of Service -

Cookie management:

Major web browsers (listed below) are set to automatically accept cookies.

To disable them, use the help function in your browser.

Help can be called up through the menu or by pressing the F1 button.

Mozilla Firefox -

Google Chrome -

Opera - http: //

Microsoft Edge -

Safari for macOS -

Important: the configuration of the cookie settings for mobile web browsers may differ; it is worth recalling that full-fledged work with the site is available only when using cookies; disabling cookies may lead to restriction of access to the content and malfunctioning of the services of the Site.

Accordingly, if the user, for any reason, does not want these services to gain access to his personal data, the user can, at his own request, clear the cookies (through his browser).


The user's personal data is stored exclusively on electronic media and is used exclusively for the intended purpose stipulated in clause 3 of this Privacy Policy.

5. TRANSFER of personal data

5.1. The user's personal data is not transferred to any third parties, except for cases expressly provided for by this Privacy Policy, specified in agreement with the mailing list.

5.2. The provision of personal data of the user at the request of state bodies, local authorities is carried out in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.


6.1. The user's personal data is stored on the electronic media of the site for no more than three years.

6.2. The user's personal data is destroyed at the request of the user himself on the basis of his request, or on the initiative of the Site Administrator without explaining the reasons by deleting the Site Administration of the information posted by the User.


Users have the right, upon request, to receive information from the Site Administration regarding the processing of their personal data.


The site administrator takes technical, organizational and legal measures to ensure the protection of the User's personal data from unauthorized or accidental access to them, destruction, distortion, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions.

9. Message from USERS

9.1. To update, access, amend, block or delete your personal data, revoke consent to the processing of personal data, you provided the Company in accordance with this Policy, or in case of any comments, wishes or claims regarding your personal data processed by the Company, please contact the company: by e-mail to or write a letter to the address: 65020, Odesa, 12 Spiridonivska St.

9.2. The request submitted by the user must contain the following information:

for an individual:

- number of the main identity document of the user or his representative;

- information about the date of issue of the specified document and the authority that issued it;

- the date of registration through the Feedback Form;

- request text in free form;

- signature of the user or his representative.

for a legal entity:

- a request in any form on a letterhead;

- the date of registration through the Feedback Form;

- the request must be signed by an authorized person with the attachment of documents confirming the authority of the person.

9.3. The site administration undertakes to consider and send a response to the request received by the user within 30 days from the date of receipt of the request.

9.4. All correspondence received by the Administration from the user (appeal in writing / electronic form) refers to information of limited access and without the written consent of the user is not subject to disclosure. Personal data and other information about the user that sent the request cannot be used without the user's special permission otherwise than to respond to the topic of the request received or in cases directly provided for by law.