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Like half a century ago, universal putty continues to be used during construction and repair. The material is used for indoor and outdoor use. Allows to make plastering of concrete, wooden, plasterboard surfaces. Produce plaster for external (facade) and internal works.

There are many types of material:

  • Gypsum mixtures - have high plasticity, are easy to apply and grind;
  • Universal - easy to apply, do not crumble, form a smooth surface in white or gray colour;
  • Acrylic putty is used for exterior and interior works;
  • Starting putty is for leveling walls, correcting differences and irregularities;
  • Finishing putty is used for final finishing of the surface;
  • Cement putty is used for outdoor work and in rooms with high humidity.

The advantages of putty:

  • Easy surface coating;
  • Does not adversely affect people and the environment;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Durability, environmental friendliness, solidity.

Putty allows you to get a perfectly flat and smooth surface for painting or applying decorative plaster.

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