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Decorative plaster for the ceiling: which coating to choose?

13.05.2024 | Blog

Ceiling Design: More Than Just a Detail

Ceiling design is not just a detail but a crucial element that defines the character and atmosphere of a room. The choice of plaster significantly influences the overall look of the interior, its style, and the feeling of comfort it imparts.

Decorative Plaster: A Tool for Creative Expression

Decorative plaster is a tool that opens up endless possibilities for creatively implementing ideas and creating unique spatial solutions. It allows for the creation of not only smooth surfaces but also intricate textures and patterns that add a special charm and sophistication to the room. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the various decorative coatings for ceilings available on the ELF Decor website, exploring their features and advantages. Join us on a journey into the world of aesthetics and style!

Decorative Plaster MURANO

MURANO is a coating that imitates a marble surface, adding a luxurious appearance to the room and suitable for both modern and classic interiors. This exceptionally durable, sturdy, and long-lasting plaster has antifungal properties and can withstand washing—making it a solution you'll be 100% satisfied with.

The stylish Murano decorative coating from ELF DECOR, featuring natural mineral fillers, replicates the effect of polished marble. As a result, the room becomes brighter and more spacious. For greater depth of pattern with a striking "stucco" effect, Decor Wax Murano, Decor Wax Murano Aqua, or Decor Wax are applied.

Capelli Art: The Pearlescent Decorative Coating

Our pearlescent decorative coating with special fibers offers a multitude of aesthetic effects, creating a unique artistic accent in your interior. Capelli Art boasts high adhesion, making it an ideal choice for any surface.

TRAVERTINO STYLE: Versatility and Elegance

Thanks to its versatility, this coating can adapt to any interior style. From classic to contemporary, it always looks stunning. Various application techniques, along with the use of stencils and colored waxes, allow you to create a sample that will impress you with its originality. However, the light shades of Travertino Style serve as the perfect base for your peace and inspiration.

PERSIA: Transform Your Space into a Work of Art

PERSIA offers a unique opportunity for bold experimentation, transforming any room into a masterpiece. This thin-layered, textured decorative plaster with a pearlescent base stands out for its durability, as it incorporates fine marble particles that protect the wall from scratches.

ILLUSION: Add Charm and Style to Your Space

ILLUSION coating will bring incredible charm and style to your room. The subtle play of pearlescent shades creates a unique atmosphere, making every corner special. Moreover, it is easy to maintain, as we understand the importance of beauty that remains impeccable over time. Despite its soft touch, this finish is very durable and resistant to intensive washing.

MIRAGE: Luxury and Comfort for Modern Interiors

The MIRAGE decorative coating from Elf Decor is an innovative material that, thanks to its texture and shades, creates an effect of softness and depth on the walls. It's the perfect choice for modern interiors, adding a touch of luxury and comfort to your space. This is an excellent option for those who value elegance and style.

MIRAGE INTENSE: Velvet Texture and Radiant Glow

MIRAGE INTENSE captivates with its incredible texture, reminiscent of velvet, and a stunning combination of metallic sheen and pearlescent tones. This material is a marvel of simplicity in application and sophistication to the touch, making it easy to use even for those who are just learning the art of design.

GELO: Modernity and Originality for Your Interior

GELO is the solution for those who want to add a modern look and originality to their interior. Thanks to special pearlescent silver pigments and glass microspheres, this coating allows for the creation of various textures and effects that vary depending on the application technique and lighting. Choose GELO to create a unique and stylish interior that impresses with its beauty and elegance.

SAHARA: Transform Your Ceiling into a Fairy Tale

A great option for ceiling decoration, Sahara opens up possibilities for creating enchanting imagery in your home.

A true find for those who value quality and aesthetics! Thanks to the use of quartz particles and a pearlescent base, our material provides your interior with a unique shine and style. Its ease of application makes the process of refreshing your space easy and enjoyable.

FEERIE: Enhance Your Interior with Radiance and Texture

Feerie is an interior coating that works in tandem with other materials. Applied to a prepared surface, Feerie imparts stunning luminosity and distinct texture.

Glass microgranules in the plaster refract and scatter light, creating a special sparkle effect. As a result, walls can change shades depending on the angle of view, captivating attention.

In addition to its aesthetic characteristics, Feerie boasts exceptional durability. This coating is resistant to dirt and easy to maintain.

GROTTO: Delicate Texture with Exceptional Durability

This material not only creates a delicate, relief coating effect but is also extremely resistant to mechanical damage and dirt.

Thanks to its high vapor permeability and antifungal properties, this coating is ideal for any room, even those with high humidity.

Choosing Decorative Plaster for Your Ceiling

When choosing decorative plaster for your ceiling, it's important to consider not only aesthetic preferences but also the style of your interior. On the ELF Decor website, you'll find a wide range of coatings that will help you create a unique and stylish design for your space. Using stencils and creating multicolored textures allows you to realize the boldest design concepts, giving your space a unique and original look.

However, we always recommend personally exploring the possible textures in our showrooms in Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Mykolaiv, Chernivtsi, and others, where our experts will be happy to help you choose a coating that perfectly suits your preferences and budget. Remember that decorative plaster on the ceiling is not just a stylish accent in your interior but also a long-lasting and reliable investment in the comfort of your space, which will bring you joy for many years to come.

13.05.2024 | Blog