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06.11.2018 | News

Interiors with decorative coatings ELF DECOR admired.

Maybe you have a photo, where are our covers used, and maybe even video?

The best works of masters decorators Elf Decor - фото №1
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Send us your best pictures and videos in personal messages. And thousands of our readers will see them.

around the world in all sorts of social sites.

The terms of participation:

  • Photo and video materials must be of good quality.
  • Be sure to specify the materials used Elf Decor.
  • Videos must be up to 1 minute long.

Accepted for publication:

  • photos of completed objects (interiors and facades);
  • photo wizard in the process;
  • macro photos of textures;
  • videos of the process or the result of the work.

Let's make you a popular master!

And the most active participants will receive gifts from Elf Decor.

06.11.2018 | News