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Decorative coating for interior work is developed on the basis of pearlescent pigments, which allow you to achieve numerous effects.
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pearlescent pigments, synthetic copolymers
basecoat - 5-7 m²/kg
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Decorative pearlescent coating for interior work with special fibers, allowing for various aesthetic effects. It contains metallic pearlescent pigments, special fibers, and various enhancing substances in a water-based acrylic copolymer dispersion. Thanks to its high adhesion, CAPELLI ART can be applied on various surfaces, including walls, drywall, MDF, various mineral, and wooden surfaces.

It is available in two bases: SILVER and GOLD.


  • Light dirt is removed from the surface with a wet sponge
  • Changes hues based on lighting and angle of view
  • Depending on the application technique, it allows you to obtain a variety of patterns
  • Highly plastic
  • Possesses good adhesion
  • Environmentally friendly
Application technologies

The surface must be sound, dry, and free from efflorescence, dust, dirt, oil and grease. Previously painted surfaces should be cleaned of old flaking material and sandpaper.

Apply one layer of QUARTZ PRIMER or DECOR PRIMER or tinted to the desired color. Having chosen the base CAPELLI ART, stir well the dye added to it to obtain the desired color.

Using a plastic or stainless steel float, apply the first layer of material, evenly distributing the product over the entire surface. After complete drying (4-6 hours), apply a second layer of CAPELLI ART and, using a plastic or stainless steel float, create an original pattern on it, passing the tool in different directions, thus obtaining reliefs in texture and shade.

Smooth the surface with small, stainless, multidirectional movements. After drying, the resulting pattern will shimmer beautifully and shade in different directions of light.



We recommend ventilating the room after the coating has fully dried.

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