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Video Gallery - Elf Decor

Over the past years, we have taken our niche in all market segments: from professional author's interiors to more budgetary tender facilities and democratic repairs. All materials are made from the best, environmentally friendly premium-class raw materials. The main components of decorative coatings are imported to our production base from Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

New coatings

Creating new materials, our specialists are always guided by the latest world trends in decor and design. We are proud to be the first in Ukraine to master the production of decorative coatings based on high-quality lime. The composition of these materials includes only natural ingredients and old recipes are used. Thanks to this, a group of our most popular coatings has been created - such as GROTTO, TRAVERTINO STYLE, TOSCANA and MARMORINO STYLE. At this moment, we are working towards expanding the range of lime-based decorative coatings.

Quality product

Based on the foregoing, we can confidently say that choosing products of TM 'Elf Decor', you get a product of excellent quality, the creation of which involves a highly qualified team of fans of their craft, the production of which uses the best recipes and high-quality raw materials.


Video Gallery - Elf Decor
Here you can learn the techniques of applying our materials and corporate events in video format.