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Decorative varnish for used to create decorative effect on facades as well as indoor surfaces made of wood, brick, cement-lime and gypsum
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facades, interiors
a mixture of dispersions, acrylic resins
10-12 m²/l
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VARNISH DECOR is used to create decorative effect on facades as well as indoor surfaces made of wood, brick, cement-lime and gypsum. Especially recommended as a topcoat for decorative plasters and paints with excellent protective feature. It is a mixture of special high-quality aqueous dispersions, acrylic resins with the addition of metallized pigments. 

Structure: smooth

Gloss grade: silky-glossy

Pigment: golden/silver

Drying time: 4-5 hours to grade 3

  • Pearlescent effect
  • Organic solvents free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Creates an elastic, high-durable and waterproof coating
  • High adhesion
  • Anti-scratch resistant
  • UV-resistance, detergent-resistant and weather-resistance
Application technologies

Apply to a dry decorative plaster. Varnish should be thoroughly mixed before use. Apply using a brush, a roller or an airbrush in one or two layers. Dilution with water up to 20% is allowed for your convenience. Dilution with VARNISH PROTECT SATIN or D-105 Elf™ facade varnish is allowed to reduce the pearlescent effect if necessary. Clean tools with water after use.

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