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Matt acrylic one-component water-based varnish. Forms a transparent, hard-wearing finish on a variety of surfaces.
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facades, interiors
a mixture of dispersions and ennobling substances
10-15 m²/l
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Varnish Protect Super Matt is a matt acrylic one-component water-based varnish. Forms a transparent, durable finish on various surfaces. Does not affect the color of the base, even in bright colors. The special thixotropic consistency slows down the absorption into porous substrates, thereby increasing the working time, which allows you to apply the varnish evenly in any convenient way without the risk of stains and joints.

Special additives reduce the likelihood of glossy areas during use, while making the coating velvety to the touch. The finished coating is highly resistant to dirt and can be easily cleaned with household detergents.

Type: water dispersion acrylic varnish

Gloss grade: MATT

Pigment: none

Drying time:  dry to touch - 1 hour, stabilization - 7 days

  • Deep matte at different angles of view
  • Velvety texture, pleasant to the touch
  • Transparent, does not turn yellow
  • Easy and even application
  • For walls, furniture and fittings
  • Special thixotropic consistency
  • Excellent adhesion to various bases
  • Durable
Application technologies

Base must be clean, dry, solid and suitable for finishing.

Pre-dust the surface with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air. Stir the varnish thoroughly before use. Application can be done in any convenient way (using a brush, a roller or a pneumatic spray).

It is recommended to apply at least 2 layers of varnish for maximum protection.

Lime plasters must be pre-treated with a special primer.

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