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Universal acrylic decorative plaster with mineral fillings, intended for external and internal works.
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facades, interiors
mineral fillers, acrylic polymers
1.0-1.3 kg/m²
+ additional specifications

AirFront is an acrylic decorative plaster of multiple-purpose with mineral fillers designated for exterior and interior use. This product is designed for fast and high-quality application by pneumatic spraying to large surfaces. AirFront can be also applied "manually" using a stainless or a plastic plastering trowel. AirFront is recommended for indoor application in common areas. This material is an ideal solution for facades of cottages, town houses, new constructions, shopping and office buildings, parking facilities. This material is very durable and has a perfect decorative effect due to its composition. One of the main advantages of this product is the possibility to be applied directly to high-quality plaster with no additional preparations so to reduce labor costs significantly.

AirFront can be also applied to any building surfaces due to its high adhesion rates. 

Composition: mineral fillers, acrylic polymers, special additives

Storage: 18 months, at temperature +5°С to +30°С.

  • Weatherproof
  • Resistant to mechanical damage
  • High adhesion rates
  • Organic solvents free
  • Plaster allows to cover large surfaces in the shortest possible time
Application technologies

Treat the surface with D 13, D 15, or in the case of internal work D 11 (Elf™) reinforcing primer. Then apply SP 17 (Elf™) quartz primer previously toned into the selected color. Application should be performed evenly, carefully and without gaps. Wait until it’s completely dry.

Stir AirFront thoroughly before applying, then tone the product into the selected color according to the color chart and stir it thoroughly again. At this step you can add AirGrains colored granules to obtain a more interesting mosaic effects by selecting a combination in the appropriate color chart.

You should use a technique similar for SP 233, D 233 or D 235 (Elf™) decorative plaster when applied “manually” (see the application technology of these products in the main catalog or on our website).

We recommend using special painting equipment with a hopper spray gun (nozzle diameter 4-6 mm, compressor pressure 4-6 atm) for professional AirFront application to large surfaces. It is allowed to dilute the product with water up to 10%. AirFront should be applied in one layer using a spray gun at a distance of 50-100 cm from the surface by making equable movements in the chosen direction (vertically, horizontally or circularly). Please control the evenness of the material application to the surface. You are able to correct the result with additional wet-on-wet application if necessary.

AirFront is durable and sustainable coating and does not require any additional finishing.

Air Front Silicone (a special silicone formula) for surfaces with high vapor permeability is available upon request.

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