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Polishing paste for decorative coating Alchimia
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suspension of alumina, waxes and polymer
20-50 g/м²
+ additional specifications

Alchimia Mirror Glaze is a highly effective composition for correction of a covering and removal of curls from grinding. This composition can be used to polish complex multilayer decorative coatings, repair paints, transparent coatings, coatings with a high content of non-volatile substances, varnishes and enamels.

  • Lighter, smoother polishing with minimal dust and splashes
  • High-tech abrasives increase the power and efficiency of polishing
  • The unique technology provides fast removal of all defects of grinding and defects of painting, thus leaving behind a covering without curls
Application technologies

Mix the composition thoroughly before use. Recommended for use with rotary grinders. Treat one area at a time. Apply the paste on a cool surface. To reduce the risk of overheating, periodically moisten the treated surface. Remove excess material with a dry cotton cloth or napkin.

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