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Hydrophobic agent based on silane-siloxane
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Aqueous emulsion of silane-siloxane resins
- dense concrete surface 150-200 g/m², - porous material 300-500 g/m²
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Ready-to-use hydrophobic agent for providing protection water-repellent properties and hydrophobization of all types of artificial and natural mineral surfaces used in construction: ceramic and silicate bricks and blocks; concrete and artificial products from it; products from aerated concrete; cement, cement-lime, lime and gypsum plasters;
products from limestone, sandstone, travertine, dolomite, etc.


■ Protects the surface from moisture and getting wet
■ Maintains the thermal insulation properties of enclosing structures,
leaving them dry
■ Increases the resistance of the substrate to soiling and reduces the appearance of fungi and
■ Gives durability and keeps an attractive appearance of a surface for a long time.
■ Does not contain organic solvents
■ Reduces the risk of surface efflorescence
■ Alkali resistant

Application technologies

The surface must be strong, clean and dry. Pollution and substances that can negatively affect hydrophobization must be removed. Before starting hydrophobization, it is necessary to putty all cracks with an opening width of more than 200 microns.

Before using the canister with hydrophobizing agent «AquaBarriere», it is recommended to shake it thoroughly. It is necessary to apply the material in
in undiluted form with a low-pressure sprayer, paint brush or brush, thoroughly impregnating the surface until it is completely saturated
hydrophobic liquid. Hydrophobization of the surface should be carried out only in one pass!

After work, or during long breaks, tools must be washed with water. During the work, the surface must be protected from
precipitation, fog, strong wind and direct sunlight until the material is completely dry. During application and during drying, the temperature of the surrounding air and the base should not fall below + 5°C and rise above +30°C. Do not apply in direct sunlight, strong wind, fog or high humidity.

Hydrophobic agent «AquaBarriere» has a highly alkaline environment, so eyes and exposed skin areas should be carefully protected from ingress of the material.

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