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27.08.2021 | Blog

How to apply decorative plaster

Decorative plaster is one of the most popular types of finishing material. With its help, it is possible to create unique interiors in apartments, houses, offices, exhibition centers, theaters, restaurants and hotels, as well as beautifully decorate the facades of various buildings. The material is applied to drywall, concrete, brick, MDF, as well as various plastered surfaces. Modern material is flexible and easy to apply. For many, applying decorative plaster is a way to show your good taste and imagination. “Venetian” and “wet silk” are the most popular types of interior decorative coatings. Among the facade solutions, the most famous are "woodworm like structure" and "lambswool like structure".

Depending on the application technique used, the craftsmen manage to create unique designs. In this article, we will take a closer look at various decorative plastering techniques and effects.

Preparatory steps before applying decorative plaster

In order for the coating to lay flat, last for many years and fully reflect your idea, it is important to properly prepare the surface of the walls. Leveling involves removing previous finishing materials such as old wallpaper, paint or plaster, patching cracks, treating the surface against fungi and applying a primer.


• Leveling the surface of the walls. Plaster with fine granules, as well as liquid wallpaper, require careful leveling of the walls. Material with coarse grains does not require perfect surface leveling. When applying coarse-grained plaster - "woodworm like structure" or "Travertine", it is enough to first apply the finishing putty. Putties are applied from 1 to 3 layers.
• Priming. The application of a quartz primer or primer paint increases the adhesion between the surface and the decorative material, creating a strong and durable finish. It forms a rough surface on which the plaster can easily be applied.

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Methods for applying decorative plaster

1. Application of plaster using a roller. An easy and quick way to plaster walls. A roller is required from the tool, with which the master rolls the surface. Depending on the selected roller and the direction of movement, you can create an interesting pattern that will be in harmony with your interior. The method is cheap and simple.
2. Application under Travertine. Decorative plaster is applied to the wall and smoothed with a special metal trowel, then a second layer of material is applied to the surface, which is then “wiped” with a trowel in the selected direction.
3. Facing. On the first layer of dried decorative plaster, the second is applied in small areas. Application is carried out with a sponge, trowel or brush (brush). After a while, the second layer is smoothed with a trowel. The pattern of the walls will depend on the porosity of the sponge, the amount of material and the frequency of "facing".
4. Spraying and mechanized application. The optimal solution for the facades of large buildings, cottage townships, office and shopping centers, as well as for common areas in residential complexes. This method allows you to quickly make decorative wall decoration on large areas. Depending on the type of decorative plaster, the equipment of air (AirMix) and airless (AirLess) systems is used. Depending on the design, the coating can be “smoothed” by hand. But as a rule, for mechanized application, options that are easier to work with are chosen.

We have looked at various methods for applying decorative plaster. The choice depends on the wishes of the customer and the experience of the master. Create bright and unique interiors.

27.08.2021 | Blog