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It is a special activating agent for achieving patina (in combination with CORROSIA PATINA) and rust (in combination with CORROSIA RUST).
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100-125 ml/m²
Application technologies

CORROSIA ACTIVATOR activating agent is used when applying CORROSIA decorative coating at the following stages:
1. It is recommended to add a small amount of CORROSIA ACTIVATOR to a container with prepared (diluted water and mixed) CORROSIA base (at the rate of ~ 2.5 ml per 1 kg of dry mixture) and stir to obtain a more uniform oxidation reaction.
2. Immediately after application of the RUST base or PATINA base, spray the surface of CORROSIA ACTIVATOR with a spray gun and distribute the activator evenly over the surface with a stainless steel bean. If you wish to obtain a more intense effect, it is recommended to re-spray CORROSIA ACTIVATOR in 30-40 minutes over the entire surface or partially.

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