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Universal dye-concentrate
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to give a shade to different types of paints, varn
organic and inorganic pigments
1,1-1,8 g/ml
+ additional specifications

Areas of use:  dye concentrate can be used for tinting the following types of materials: decorative plasters and coatings, enamels and varnishes based on synthetic resins, lime-based paints, plaster and putty, fillers, water-soluble paints, synthetic latex paints, wax compounds for decorative coatings and for wood, etc. Dyes can also be applied to other types of materials with obligatory preliminary trial tinting.

  • Wide range of colors
  • You can mix colors together
  • Ready to use
  • Light-resistant and cold-resistant
  • Highly concentrated pigments
  • Long shelf life
  • Dissolves easily
  • Compact easy-to-use package
Application technologies

Before using the bottle of dye is required to shake. Add the required amount of dye in the material intended for toning and stir until smooth. For convenience and precise dosing of the required amount of dye it's recommended to use a medical syringe. It is recommended to use the building mixer or electric drill with a special nozzle for mixing of tinted material. 

We strongly recommend you to do a preliminary test tinting of a small amount of material before toning the entire volume to determine the exact color and proportions. You must make a compatibility sample before tinting products based on solvents. If material is  planned to be diluted before use it must be tinted in the original undiluted state!

In case of large surfaces application it is recommended to mix previously tinted material in quantity of 2-3 units in a single container before the actual application. This will prevent the occurrence of visible joints on large surfaces. 

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