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Modern pearl decorative coating used for interior work. Contains a sparkling base and round glass crystals.
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pearlescent pigments, mineral microspheres
5-6 m²/kg
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FEERIE is a modern pearl decorative coating used for interior work. An individuality and unique beauty of this material appears due to the combination of a sparkling base and round glass crystals in its composition. As well as sparkling pearl particles included in the composition of FEERIE which create a scintillation effect.  

This product is highly durable and very easy to apply. Produced in WHITE SILVER and WHITE GOLD colour bases and in a TRANSPARENT base. 

Combination with different decorative materials such as ILLUSION, MIRAGE, SAHARA gives you opportunity to achieve an interesting and unusual design solutions.

  • Different patterns can be achieved depending on the application technique
  • High strength
  • Changes shades depending on lighting and the angle of view
Application technologies

Apply tinted DECOR PRIMER on the surface that was previously treated with OptiGrund D11 ELF™ primer (fig. 1). Tinting can be done using universal dyes manually by color chart or using a computer tinting system. Wait until it's completely dry. Or apply the decorative base coat according to the application technology of the selected product when applying FEERIE TRANSPARENT base. The material should be stirred thoroughly. IMPORTANT: do not use an electric mixer for stirring so as not to shatter the structure of the material. 

Apply the product using a flat wide brush by making random movements and spreading it evenly over the surface (fig. 2).

Group the crystals on the surface using a dry brush, thus obtaining the desired decorative effect (fig. 3).

It is possible to get other interesting design solutions by processing the surface with plastic plastering trowel, slightly pressing the crystals and spreading them over the surface additionally. You can tint FEERIE base as well as mix FEERIE bases of different colors together for additional decorative effects.


It is recommended to ventilate the room after the complete drying of the coating.

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