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ILLUSION FANTASY is a special collection of ILLUSION decorative coating.
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pearlescent pigments, synthetic copolymers
6 m²/kg
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ILLUSION FANTASY is a special collection of ILLUSION decorative coating. In addition to the existing SILVER and GOLD bases five new color bases were released: RED, GREEN, BLUE, GRAPHITE and ALUMINIUM.

These bases are made using metallized pigments of certain colors, no use of traditional dyes. You can get an absolute variety of colors and shades just by mixing these bases together in different proportions - it all depends only on your fantasy.

  • Light dirt can be removed from the surface using a wet sponge
  • Changes shades depending on lighting and the angle of view
  • A velvety pleasant to the touch surface
  • Different patterns can be achieved depending on the application technique 
Application technologies

Apply QUARTZ PRIMER or tinted DECOR PRIMER on the prepared surface (fig. 1).

Mix the selected bases in one container and stir the product thoroughly. Apply the first layer of material using a spatula or a stainless steel plastering trowel by spreading the product evenly over the entire surface (fig. 2). 

Apply the second layer of coating to create an original pattern after the complete drying (4-6 hours) by making alternating strokes in different directions. Gently smooth the surface by making multi-directional movements after 10-15 mins (fig. 4). That will enhance the sparkle of material.


It is recommended to ventilate the room after the complete drying of the coating.

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