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Highly adhesive quartz primer for exterior and interior robots
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facades, interiors
Styrene-acrylic resins, polymeric, mineral additiv
~200 g/m²
+ additional specifications

QuarzGrund is ready for use for preparation of bases and creation of an adhesive layer before drawing glue, plaster and other finishing coverings on all types of mineral surfaces.

  • Evens out water absorption of the substrate and ensures uniform hardening of the finishing coat
  • Significantly improves the quality of the formation of decorative textures such as "woodworm like structure", "lambswool like structure", etc.
  • To create a contact layer between the coating and the substrate
  • Also recommended for mineral plasters
  • Capable of diffusion of water vapor
  • Resistant to atmospheric precipitation
  • Environmentally friendly
Application technologies

The surface must be clean, dry, smooth, load-bearing and meet the conditions of preparation in accordance with the specified requirements. Contaminants and substances that adversely affect adhesion must be removed, and unevenness or chips must be leveled with appropriate materials, such as "Klebe -und ArmierungsMasse AM 195" or "KlebeMasse KM 193". The grounded base has the appearance of a white, rough surface. Before starting the work, it is necessary to take measures to protect adjacent surfaces, glass, ceramics, lacquered surfaces, clinker bricks, natural stone, metal, wood covered with blue or enamel.

Before use, the quartz primer "QuarzGrund" must be thoroughly mixed with a low-speed drill with a special nozzle. If necessary, to adjust the consistency, the primer can be diluted with water, but not more than 5% of water from the total weight of the material.

QuartzGrund must be applied with a paint roller, brush or paintbrush. QuartzGrund is not intended for the treatment of horizontal surfaces that are exposed to constant water.

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