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Acrylic water-soluble putty, that imitates the shades of wood
for exterior and interior use
mixture of excipients and substances
500 g/m²
+ additional specifications

Available in the following colors: white, beech, pine, oak, alder, rosewood, mahogany.

  • Easy and even application
  • Well polished
  • Does not turn yellow
  • Good adhesion to various bases
  • Organic Solvent Free
  • Environmentally friendly


Application technologies

The wooden surface must be cleaned of dust, dirt, grease, paint or varnish residues before application and sanded. Stir thoroughly before use. Apply putty in a layer of 1-2 mm. Deep seams and cracks are putty in several layers. The next layer is applied after the previous one has dried. Dry putty is ground with abrasive paper or mesh. After that, they are varnished, stained or painted. Wash the tools with water after use.

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