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Material for reinforcing walls and ceilings
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glass-fiber of various lengths and diameters
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Glass-fiber Standart - material for reinforcing walls and ceilings

Consists of glass-fiber of various lengths and different diameters. Glass cloth canvas reinforced with modified polyvinyl alcohol has a wide range of uses in homes, offices, educational institutions to deal with the finest network-like cracks in putty, which can occur both from the effects of temperature changes and from shrinkage of building walls.


  • Reinforces and levels a surface
  • Exceptionally High Strength
  • Moisture and Wear Resistance
  • No microbial culture medium
  • The structure allows the walls to "breathe"
  • No electrostatic charge
  • Environmentally friendly product


Application technologies
  1. Pre-prepare the surface for gluing: fill cracks and potholes, primer the porous surfaces.
  2. Measure a piece of glass-fiber on the height of the walls with a 5 cm margin for leveling.
  3. Apply special glue to the prepared surface using a roller or brush.
  4. Glue the measured piece of glass-fiber onto the wall surface vertically (along the slope).
  5. Glue the next piece of glass-fiber butt.
  6. Smooth glass-fiber with a spatula or a wide brush.
  7. Cut glass-fiber along the edge of the wall with a knife and spatula.
  8. Paint the glass-fiber no earlier than 24 hours after gluing.

IMPORTANT: when gluing glass-fiber, note that the front side is directed inside the roll.

Paint fiberglass is glued on smooth gypsum plaster or on a layer of starting putty by means of glue for wall-paper D 020 Elf ™. After gluing of a fiberglass it is necessary to carry out alignment with finishing putty D 60 Elf ™ or D 70 Elf ™ applied by a thin layer (a very thin layer). After applying the putty, it is recommended to cover the painting glass with a layer of UniGrund Elf ™ or GrundKonzentrat Elf ™. Upon completion of the above work, you can start decorating - painting, applying decorative plasters and coatings, and so on.

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