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The stabilizer is designed to thicken the decorative material "Stucco Art" in order to further create a decorative coating in the technique of "Scagliola".
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fine calcium carbonate

Add the stabilizer contained in the container to the pre-toned (if necessary) decorative coating "Stucco Art" at the rate of: 80 g of stabilizer (1 vial) per 1 kg of decorative material. Mix thoroughly and leave for 2 hours in a closed factory package. Then remove the decorative material from the container, which is already thickened to the degree of "dough", and mix thoroughly again.

After that, you can start creating a decorative coating in the technique of "scalyol". If you do not plan to use the entire volume of the "dough" at this time, the leftovers should be wrapped in stretch film and placed in a closed factory container. The finished "dough" in this form can be stored for up to 30 days (in a cool dry place, closed from direct sunlight).
IMPORTANT: tinting of decorative material "Stucco Art" should be carried out BEFORE adding the stabilizer!

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