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Acrylic texture decorative plaster for exterior and interior works
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facades, interiors
styrene-acrylic resins, polymer fibers
2,5 - 3 kg/m²
+ additional specifications

Ready-to-use paste-like structural plaster based on organic resins. Recommended as a finish for ThermoELF façade thermal insulation systems, for such prepared surfaces as concrete or mineral plasters with sufficient load-bearing capacity. Can be used on existing water-dispersed silicate paints that hold well.

  • High properties of elasticity and adhesion
  • Capable of diffusion of water vapor
  • Resistant to precipitation
  • Recommended for toning
  • Easy to use
  • Non-flammable
Application technologies

The surface must be clean, dry, level, load-bearing and meet the conditions of preparation in accordance with the requirements. Contaminants and substances that adversely affect adhesion must be removed and unevenness or chips smoothed with suitable materials, such as "KlebeMasse KM 193". Highly absorbent surfaces must be primed with materials such as UniGrund fixing primer or GrundKonzentrat primer concentrate. Glossy surfaces, such as concrete, and surfaces made with Klebe -und ArmierungsMasse AM 195 must be primed with Acryl-PutzGrund 117. In order to create a uniform optical effect and improve adhesion on a prepared basis, it is recommended to use Acryl-PutzGrund 117 primer, tinted in the color of the plaster.

Acryl-Fassadenputz R20 is a ready-to-use dispersion plaster. Mix the contents thoroughly with a low speed stirrer. If necessary, to adjust the consistency, the plaster can be diluted with water, but not more than 2% by weight. Add water to each bucket, in equal amounts, to avoid color differences. At the mechanized drawing it is necessary to be guided by the instruction on operation of the equipment.

Apply an even layer with a stainless steel trowel or a machine for spraying fine-grained plaster, remove excess, leaving a layer the thickness of the grain. Immediately after that, rub the surface with polyurethane, polystyrene or wooden grater, making uniform movements on the surface.

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