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AirGem is an acrylic decorative plaster of multiple-purpose with glass microspheres and metallized pigments
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interiors, exteriors
pearl pigments, synthetic copolymers
0.15-0.20 kg/m²
+ additional specifications

This product is designed for fast and high-quality application by pneumatic spraying to large surfaces. AirGem can be also applied "manually" using a stainless or a plastic plastering trowel or a brush. This material is an ideal solution for different premises such as business centers, offices, banks, ceremonial and banquet halls, hotels, restaurants and similiar, as well as for common areas in residential compounds. It is also possible to apply this product to exterior surfaces that are not exposed to direct atmosphere precipitation: loggias, roofed terraces and verandas. AirGem creates an original shimmering effect in both natural and artificial light due to its composition  that allows you to create an elegant interior at low cost.

Composition: pearl pigments, synthetic copolymers

Storage: 18 months, +5°С to +30°С.

  • Має високу міцність 
  • High strength
  • Changes shades depending on the lighting and the angle of view
  • A velvety surface, pleasant to the touch
  • Various patterns can be achieved depending on the application technique
  • Light dirt can be removed from the surface using a wet sponge
  • Large surfaces covering in the shortest possible time
Application technologies

The surface should be relatively flat with no visible flaws. Treat it with D 11 or in the case of exterior works D 13 or D 15 (Elf™) reinforcing primer. Then apply QuartzPrimer (Elf Decor™) previously toned into the selected color. Application should be performed evenly, carefully and without gaps. Wait until it’s completely dry.

Stir AirGem thoroughly but gently before applying. You can do it manually or you can use an electric mixer at low speed so as not to shatter the structure of the material. Then tone the material in accordance with the color chart and re-mix it thoroughly again. You can add some special additives at this step to achieve special design effects: Stars or Tesoro Gold / Silver (Elf Decor™).

You should use a technique similar for Illusion Crystal, Sahara or Feerie decorative coatings (Elf Decor™) when applied “manually” (see the application technology of these products in the main catalog or on our website).

We recommend using special low-pressure painting equipment with a nozzle diameter 1,3-1,7 mm (Rigo or similar) for professional AirGem application to large surfaces. It is allowed to dilute the product with water up to 10%. AirGem should be applied using a spray gun at a distance of 30-50 cm from the surface by making equable vertical and horizontal movements sequentially until the complete surface covering is achieved. It is also possible to spray on partially subsequent layers using other shades of AirGem to achieve a multi-color coating. Stencil technique is applicable for this product as well.

AirGem is durable and sustainable coating and does not require any additional finishing.

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