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AirTex is an acrylic decorative plaster of multiple-purpose with reinforcing fibers designated for exterior and interior use.
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facades, interiors
mineral fillers, reinforcing fibres
0.6-0.8 kg/m²
+ additional specifications

AirTex is an acrylic decorative plaster of multiple-purpose with reinforcing fibers designated for exterior and interior use. This product is designed for fast and high-quality application by pneumatic spraying to large surfaces. AirTex can be also applied "manually" using a stainless or a plastic plastering trowel. AirTex is recommended for exterior application to the facades of various buildings: cottages, town houses, new constructions, shopping and office buildings, parking facilities. This material is an ideal solution for interior application in common areas as well such as business centers and offices, as well as hallways, corridors, stairways, utility rooms in residential compounds. One of the main advantages of this product is the possibility to be applied directly to high-quality plaster with no additional preparations so to reduce labor costs significantly.

Composition: mineral fillers, reinforcing fibers, acrylic polymers, special additives

Storage: 18 months, at temperature +5°С to +30°С.

  • Withstands cleaning with alkaline detergents
  • Hides defects in surface preparation
  • Prevents formation and propagation of cracks on the surface
  • Easy to apply
  • Large surfaces covering in the shortest possible time
Application technologies

Treat the surface with D 13, D 15, or in the case of internal work D 11 (Elf™) reinforcing primer. Then apply D 17 (Elf™) quartz primer previously toned into the selected color. Application should be performed evenly, carefully and without gaps. Wait until it’s completely dry.

Stir AirFront thoroughly before applying, then tone the product into the selected color according to the color chart and stir it thoroughly again.

You should use a technique similar for Riviera or Grotto decorative coating (Elf Decor™) when applied “manually” (see the application technology of these products in the main catalog or on our website).

We recommend using special painting equipment with pneumatic spray application method with a nozzle diameter of 1.5-2.5 mm and compressor pressure 1.8 - 2.2 atm for professional application of AirTex to large surfaces. You can use a hopper spray gun or a tool with screw or rotor feed (Graco RTX series or similar). It is allowed to dilute the product with water up to 10%. AirTex should be applied in one layer using a spray gun at a distance of 30-50 cm from the surface by making equable movements in the chosen direction (vertically, horizontally or circularly). Please control the evenness of the material application to the surface. You are able to correct the result with additional wet-on-wet application if necessary. To get a smoother coating on the surface it is necessary to apply AirTex as follows: one applicator coats the surface using a pneumatic spray painting equipment, and then the second applicator compacts the coating using a plastic plastering trowel by making multidirectional movements.

AirFront is durable and sustainable coating and does not require any additional finishing. But you are able to achieve additional decorative effects while performing interior application of AirTex with the use of the following topcoats: VARNISH DECOR SILVER / GOLD, DECOR WAX, VINTAGE (Elf Decor™), varnishes D 101, D 102 or D 105 (Elf™). It is also recommended to apply VINTAGE velature (Elf Decor™) to provide the surface with the self-cleaning feature while performing exterior works. Topcoats should be applied as per application technology after the full drying of AirTex.

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