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27.10.2021 | Blog

The bedroom is a peculiar face of the owner of the house, talking about style and taste, and therefore special attention should be paid to its decor. To do this, you can use decorative plaster in the bedroom, playing with shades, nuances and features to achieve the desired effect.
Benefits of using plaster in the bedroom
One of the spaces that needs a stylish, sophisticated finish is the bedroom. In this case, decorative plaster becomes a discovery that allows you to get rid of the need to buy wallpaper or rack your brains over a combination of inexpensive materials for interior decoration.
Such finishing materials are known for their advantages:
1. Versatility of application on various coatings - from brickwork to concrete walls, drywall, wood and metal surfaces;
2. Ample opportunities in the implementation of creative ideas that allow you to create your own, unique, author's design;
3. Reduction of time and financial costs, since the application of this finishing material often does not require perfect preparation and leveling of the walls;
4. Affordable cost, as well as moderate consumption of the mixture in comparison with paints and other types of coatings;
5. Long-term preservation of the original appearance, even under the condition of operation for 5-10 years, contact with the sun, temperature changes and more.
In addition, the main advantage of a bedroom with decorative plaster is that it is easy to clean. Most of the mixture contains binders that allow them to be washed after application and hardening with improvised detergents. As a result, dirt is washed off faster and easier than from wallpaper or paint.
Decorative plaster in the bedroom interior: possible options
To decorate the bedroom area, not only decorative coatings used for the walls are used, but also options with which you can decorate the ceiling or even form a wear-resistant and durable floor.
First of all, for proper repair, you need to pay attention to the dimensions of your premises. For bedrooms with low ceilings, it is better to consider the option of coatings in light shades and with large patterns. For large rooms, on the contrary, it is permissible to select dark plasters with small details and accents.
For trendy repairs, which will be relevant for more than one year, it is better to use concrete plasters. Concrete simulations can be created using Travertino Style, Toscana and Castello coatings. It is not always possible to leave bare concrete walls in case of repair for a loft or high-tech, and therefore finishing materials that simulate the relief and shine of the wall will allow you to fix this. In addition, the coating can have a variety of textures - matte and satin, homogeneous or with formwork.

Light, modern designs need a matching wall covering. A safe choice - smooth, glossy plasters with a patina effect. For example, Marmorino Style or Riviera. Best of all, they are combined with the open space of the bedroom, light furniture. Suitable for use in Scandinavian or Mediterranean design.

Ultra-modern interior designs, including high-tech, industrial and loft, can use original options for walls and ceilings for bedrooms. For example, Corrosia and Alchimia plasters, with a ceremonial, noble look. In the composition - a metal powder, allowing you to achieve drips, patina effect and others.
If you plan to create a classic interior design, the best choice would be Venetian plaster in the bedroom. With its help, you can create a pleasant look and sophisticated coatings that imitate marble or stone surfaces. Thanks to this naturalness, the room will be soothing and conducive to relaxation.

According to reviews, the coating with imitation of noble fabrics is also popular. For example, velvet, wet silk, velor (varieties Illusion, Mirage). Such a coating is soft, it can be smooth, or vice versa, with a slight dullness. Allows you to recreate a stylish, cozy and comfortable boudoir within the bedroom.

In small bedrooms, it is better to give preference to original accents. For example, you can provide for the creation of a relief surface under a stone using plaster, and paint the rest of the walls in warm, calm shades. This looks especially good in private houses made of wood.
For children's bedrooms, coatings with small particles that have a pearlescent shine are better suited. Soft shades will fit into any interior design, both modern and with an emphasis on classics. To do this, you can choose Sahara finishing material, which creates the effect of a sandy, shiny wall, suitable for warm, colorful bedrooms.

Sustainable design, which includes wood motifs and simple furniture solutions, will require the appropriate finishing material. For this, it is recommended to use wood-effect plaster, imitating a saw cut, texture or wood pattern, which makes the room more natural and natural.

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What are the nuances of decorative plaster for the bedroom to pay attention to
Decorative plaster in a modern style is divided into many types, each of which has certain properties. This is worth paying attention to when choosing in the first place.
Particular attention must be paid to abrasion resistance. Since the bedroom is a frequently used space, it is important to choose a covering that is moisture resistant and able to withstand washing if it gets dirty.
Vapor permeability will not be superfluous, which allows you to keep the plaster on the wall surface for a long time. Among the important nuances is also the degree of adhesion, strength of attachment to the wall surface.
The quality of the mixture and its individual components also plays a role. You can find out about this both from the instructions on the packaging, and directly from the manufacturer, the choice of which must be made with great care.
7 life hacks how to apply decorative plaster for the bedroom
To make the textured plaster in the bedroom look appropriate and profitable, consider the following nuances:
1. If there is a need to form a more pronounced decorative effect - order mixtures where large or medium fractions are present;
2. To make repairs relevant for many more years - choose natural colors and shades of the coating;
3. To make light shades more original, you can use additional coatings, for example, wax or varnish;
4. If there is no desire to use plaster on all walls - make an accent at the head of the bed from different textures;
5. When self-repair is planned - choose simple options for finishing materials that do not require special tools for application;
6. When choosing a color and shade, pay attention to the climatic zone of the bedroom: warm shades are suitable for the north side, and cold ones for the south;
7. After drying, it is better to cover the plaster with a finishing compound to preserve its visual qualities for a long time.

If you want to get a preliminary look at how the plaster will look like, contact the showrooms of partners in Ukraine, or visit our showrooms. In addition, we will help you choose the best and most comfortable, affordable coverage option for any budget!

27.10.2021 | Blog