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20.10.2021 | Blog

Japanese style

Fragile, delicate, exotic in its own way. It lacks jewelry, accessories. The emphasis is on high environmental friendliness, using not only wood, but also reed. It features a free layout, instead of glass partitions, there are screens. The emphasis is on the minimum of furniture, only necessary. The color scheme is dominated by woody shades, deep brown, black and coffee. The light is dim, and a minimum of textiles are used.

American style

It is considered the most comfortable, family-friendly. Differs in an original layout, where all zones, except for the bathroom, are combined with each other. A big stake is made on the so-called gigantism, which concerns not only the dimensions of the room, but also the decor. Arches, openings, local lighting are used. The main materials are wood, glass, genuine leather, less often - elements for a stone. The color palette is light, dominated by shades of coffee and white.

Arabic style

It is characterized by increased coziness and comfort, graceful geometric lines and shapes. A common element is ornaments that give a special aesthetics. The Arabian interior is characterized by bright lighting and the use of a rich color palette with a wide variety of colors. The furniture is decorated with carvings, there will be low pedestals, ottomans, a four-poster bed. The Arab layout also includes closed areas.

African style

Dynamic and expressive, saturated with bright, natural colors. For the walls, shades of soil, sand or earth are chosen; scarlet, gold and amber shades may prevail. An excellent choice is to buy plaster imitating the skin of a crocodile or other African animals. The dominance of primitivism, the presence of rich decor and large dimensions can be traced in the furniture. Frequent materials include wood, rattan, bamboo and ropes.


The slogan of the style is "Nothing superfluous." It manifests itself in geometry, exceptional functionality of all elements in the room, installation of partitions, pastel colors, as well as natural light. The walls are most often finished with plaster, which can be ordered from the manufacturer, the floor is covered with laminate or linoleum. Among the dominant materials are glass, plastic, metal. There are no decorative elements in the furniture, in the interior in general there are no accessories.

Mexican style

One of the ethnic styles, has pronounced colors, dominated by saturated colors - red, blue, brown, orange, which are found in the same room. Furniture is always made of wood, walls are covered with paint or wallpaper is used for further painting. Decorative tiles are welcome, ceilings - painted or with decorative beams. The peculiarity of the style is in the thematic decor, a large number of figurines, rugs, figure and succulents.


Comes from the design of Alpine country houses. In view of this, wood and stone surfaces dominate in it, the walls are most often covered with panels imitating expensive wood species. Genuine leather, skins on the walls and on the floor, metal products are welcome. The floor is most often natural, brown laminate. The chalet combines coarseness and simplicity, there are both classic elements and hi-tech notes. A characteristic feature is diffused, soft, warm light, as well as massive ceiling structures.


A combination of hi-tech and minimalism in one bottle. It is dominated by materials such as glass, wood, concrete and metal. Walls are often simply painted or covered with basic plaster. The emphasis is on smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. The floors are covered with parquet or tiles, the ceilings are often suspended. Cold, basic shades prevail. Preference is given to modular furniture without frills and decor, only important, necessary things are present in the premises.

Wabi Sabi

It is based on an ecological style. The trend combines Asian decorating rules. Differs in simplicity, basic color schemes and the most minimalistic finishing, ecological materials. Restraint and modernity is combined with rough, textured forms. It is characterized by a complete rejection of symmetry, prefers rough geometry. The walls are covered with plaster or are left as bare concrete, the color palette is based on dark, natural tones. Interior items are distinguished by the production of wood and elements of aging.


The style is characterized by an emphasis on the use of recycled materials and directly simple, basic things. For this, recycled plastic, wood, corrugated board and bamboo are used. Often in the interior you can see elements of steampunk with pipes, as well as furniture made from pallets. Otherwise, there are no restrictions: walls, ceilings and floors can be finished in any shade, the lighting is preferably natural, and the decor focuses on uniqueness.

How to choose your interior design style

Styles in the interior are represented by a wide variety that can confuse a beginner. In order to pick it up and not be mistaken, you must follow these recommendations:

1. Listen to yourself and understand what you like more - simplicity or vice versa, luxury and gloss, light or rich shades, and so on;
2. Consider your character and temperament. Cold interiors are suitable for people of the Nordic type, and warmer ones for hot-tempered choleric people;
3. Understand modern technologies and understand how important they are for you, would you like to simplify your life or prefer the classics and abundance of decor;
4. Push off a certain material, for example, from natural wood or brickwork, concrete and so on;
5. Focus on modern fashion, figure out which styles dominate in interiors and will be relevant for several more years;
6. Seek the help of professionals who can advise and choose the best solution for your home.

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Styles in interior design. Part 2 - фото №1
Styles in interior design. Part 2 - фото №2
Styles in interior design. Part 2 - фото №3
Styles in interior design. Part 2 - фото №4
Styles in interior design. Part 2 - фото №5
Styles in interior design. Part 2 - фото №6
Styles in interior design. Part 2 - фото №7
Styles in interior design. Part 2 - фото №8
Styles in interior design. Part 2 - фото №9
Styles in interior design. Part 2 - фото №10
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20.10.2021 | Blog