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Decorative interior floor coating based on quartz dust and two-component polyurethane binder. Component A - 15 kg decorative coating; component B - 0.3 kg hardener
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quartz dust, dispersions of acrylic copolymers
0,3-0,4 kg/m²
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ELFLOOR FINISH is a decorative coating that can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is used to create the effect of continuous decor, rolling down from walls to floor. The use of quartz dust and a polyurethane binder makes this coating particularly durable and wear-resistant.

In case of decorating furniture or countertops, the base must be solid, firmly assembled and not have moving cracks or crevices.

Type: special 2-component water-based polyurethane plaster for flooring

Composition: quartz dust, special dispersions of acrylic copolymers, mineral fillers, refining additives.

Gloss level: matt

  • The material has a special rheology
  • Especially durable and wear-resistant coating
  • Can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces
Application technologies

If ELFLOOR FINISH is used for arranging flooring, this material must be applied in a system with ELFLOOR BASE.

ELFLOOR FINISH can be used as a quartz plaster for decorating walls and ceilings.

To the previously tinted material, add the required amount of ELFLOOR HARDENER Gloss in a 20: 1 ratio by weight. Then mix thoroughly with a mixer. Pot life of the finished mixture is 4 hours.

Apply the prepared mixture with a plastic or metal trowel in an even, thin layer. In case of prolonged smoothing of the drying material with a metal trowel, the appearance of "blackening" of the coating is possible. For an optimal aesthetic finishing effect, it is recommended to apply the product in an arcuate, curved motion, constantly changing the direction of movement of the trowel.

After the coating is completely dry and before applying subsequent layers, the coating must be treated with 120 and 220 grit sandpaper, and then dedusted.

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