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Decorative interior floor coating based on quartz sand and two-component polyurethane binder. Component A - 15 kg decorative coating; component B - 0.3 kg hardener
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quartz sand, dispersions of acrylic copolymers
0,9-1,2 kg/m²
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ELFLOOR BASE is a decorative coating that can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is used to create the effect of continuous decor, rolling down from walls to floor. The use of quartz sand and a polyurethane binder makes this coating particularly durable and wear-resistant.

A cement screed, leveling compound, marble chips, concrete, ceramic tiles can act as a base. In case of decorating furniture or countertops, the base must be solid, firmly assembled and not have moving cracks or crevices.

Type: special 2-component water-based polyurethane plaster for flooring

Composition: quartz sand, special dispersions of acrylic copolymers, mineral fillers, refining additives

Gloss level: matt

  • The material has a special rheology
  • Especially durable and wear-resistant coating
  • Can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces
Application technologies

The substrate must be clean, sound and dry, free from dust and salt. All contamination is removed mechanically. In case of damage, restore the surface using appropriate materials. If necessary, treat the surface with an appropriate mold and fouling remover. New concrete substrates must be cured for 28 days before further processing. Concrete moisture content should not exceed 4%, durability class should not be lower than M300 (B25), cement laitance should be removed.

Coating OSB boards. In this case, the base should consist of two layers, the first one should be laid in a way that the second layer overlaps the seams of the first. All seams must be putty, and the surface must be pre-treated with sandpaper to remove the surface layer of wax.

If applied to old tiles or similar substrates with joints, they must be filled with a pre-coat of ELFLOOR BASE and dried completely.

Before applying the first layer of ELFLOOR BASE, the base must be primed with QUARZGRUND quartz primer. Absorbent alkaline substrates such as concrete or cement screed must be pre-treated with  VinylGrund D-14 penetrating primer.

To the previously tinted material, add the required amount of ELFLOOR HARDENER Gloss in a 20: 1 ratio by weight. Then mix thoroughly with a mixer.

Apply the prepared mixture with a plastic or metal trowel evenly over the thickness of the grain. On extended areas of the floor, use a 120-160 g / m2 mesh. Roll out the mesh on a fresh layer of ELFLOOR BASE and cover it with a second layer of material.

Alternatively, the mesh can be glued onto ELFLOOR EPOXY PRIMER 2-component epoxy primer. After the epoxy primer has dried, ELFLOOR BASE can be applied in two coats, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

If necessary, apply another layer of the material after the previous layer has completely dried.

Before applying subsequent coats, the dried coating should be lightly sanded with 80-grit sandpaper to remove small burrs, and then dusted off.

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