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Two-component water-based deep matt polyurethane varnish. Component A - 2.5 kg varnish; component B - 0.5 kg hardener
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aqueous dispersions of acrylic copolymers
10-15 m²/l
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VARNISH PROTECT 2K Gloss is a two-component, water-based polyurethane gloss varnish. Forms a transparent, hard-wearing finish on a variety of substrates.

When applied to mineral substrates by wetting, it makes the final tone of the coating more intense and expressive. Completely transparent coating. The special viscosity makes it easy to distribute the varnish over extended areas of floors, while uniformly filling small cracks and unevenness of the base.

VARNISH PROTECT 2K Gloss has an extended pot life, which allows it to be applied evenly in any convenient way without the risk of stains and rolls, and also simplifies the planning of the work process.
The finished coating is highly resistant to dirt, scratches and can be easily cleaned with household detergents.
In addition, the coating has excellent water resistance and is resistant to household chemicals.

Type: water-borne 2-component polyurethane varnish
Composition: Special aqueous dispersions of acrylic copolymers, enriching additives.
Gloss degree: glossy

  • Extra high gloss finish
  • Transparent, does not turn yellow
  • Easy and even application, no streaking
  • For floors and walls, for furniture and countertops.
  • For rooms with high humidity (bathrooms and showers)
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates
  • High wear, water and chemical resistance
Application technologies

Substrate must be clean, dry, sound and suitable for finishing.
Old varnished or painted surfaces must be sanded with 400 grit paper and degreased.
Pre-dust the surface with a vacuum cleaner.
For ease of use, the varnish components can be mixed directly in the container with component A. To do this, pour the ELFLOOR HARDENER Gloss hardener into the container with component A and mix thoroughly with a mechanical mixer. Mixing ratio 5: 1 by weight. Mixing should be carried out for at least 5 minutes to obtain a homogeneous coating without spots and craters.
Application is done in any convenient way (brush, roller, pneumatic spray). To obtain an optimal protective effect, it is recommended to apply the varnish in at least 2 coats.
Lime and cement substrates must be pre-treated with a special primer.

All work on this product is recommended to be carried out using the following measures and protective equipment:
- Adequate ventilation
- Splash-proof goggles
- latex gloves.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. In case of contact with skin, wash the contaminated area with water and detergent.

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