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Finishing, protective and decorative coatings for creamy and outdoor work under special silane polymers with the addition of auxiliary substances
facades, interiors
silane polymers and ennobling substances
10-12 m²
+ additional specifications

FINITURA CASTELLO - finishing, protective and decorative coatings for creamy and outdoor work under special silane polymers with the addition of auxiliary substances. Provides complete and stable water repellent treated surface, excellent water vapor permeability, protection against efflorescence and aggressive atmospheric exposure.

  • High level of water vapor permeability
  • Excellent water repellency
  • Protects against efflorescence
  • Protects against weather impact
  • Resistant to alkalis
  • Has deep penetrating properties due to prolonged exposure time
  • Easy application
  • Organic solvents free
  • Can be toned in pastel colors using universal tinting colorants DECOTONER
Application technologies

The surface must be cleaned of dirt, dust and completely dry. Additional treatment using primers is not recommended. 

Apply using a brush, roller, paintbrush or sponge glove in accordance with the desired effect. To achieve the «light patina» effect you should add universal dyes or use computer tinting system. Product can be easily applied to walls and ceilings, it does not drip and does not flow due to its creamy consistency. 

Wash tools with water immediately after use.

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