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Decorative quartz thin-layer plaster for exterior and interior works
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interiors, facades
Styrene-acrylic resin, marble flour and additives
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Ready-to-use pasty structural plaster based on organic resins for decorative effects on the surface. It is recommended as a finishing decorative coating for such prepared surfaces as concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum boards, bricks or mineral plasters that have sufficient load-bearing capacity. Suitable for use in external ThermoELF thermal insulation systems. It can be used on existing water-dispersion silicate paints that hold well.

  • High properties of elasticity and adhesion
  • Allows you to create decorative effects
  • Does not shrink, does not float on vertical surfaces
  • Well masks the unevenness of the base
  • Able to diffuse water vapor
  • Recommended for toning
  • Resistant to precipitation
  • Hardly flammable
Application technologies

The surface must be clean, dry, level, able to bear the load and meet the preparation conditions in accordance with the requirements. Dirt and substances that have a negative effect on adhesion must be removed, and unevenness or chips should be leveled with suitable materials, for example "Klebe-undArmierungsMasse AM 195". Highly absorbent surfaces must be primed with materials such as the fixing primer "UniGrund" or the primer concentrate "GrundKonzentrat". Glossy surfaces such as concrete must be primed with "Acryl PutzGrund 117". In order to create a uniform optical effect and improve adhesion on the prepared base, it is recommended to use the primer "Acryl PutzGrund 117", tinted in the color of the plaster.

Preparation of material

"StrukturPutz" ready-to-use dispersion plaster. Mix the contents of the package thoroughly with a low-speed mixer. If necessary, to adjust the consistency, the plaster can be diluted with water, but not more than 2% of the mass. Adding water should be done in each bucket, in the same amount, to avoid differences in color and final decorative effect.
Attention!: you must always take into account the exact amount of water to adjust the consistency indicated on the package

Execution of works

Apply in an even layer using a stainless steel trowel or spatula. To create a surface texture, it is recommended to use tools for decorative application: trowel, spatula, grater, structural roller.

Application method

The choice of tool determines the structure of the surface, so it is necessary to always use the same trowels for structuring. In order to achieve a uniform structure, the tangent surfaces must be processed by the same person in order to avoid differences in the structure due to the "individual handwriting" of the master. Also, in order to avoid visible overlaps, it is necessary to assign a sufficient number of workers to each section. The material should be applied quickly, without breaks, using the "wet on wet" technique. Due to the use of natural fillers and granules, slight deviations in the color tone are possible. Taking this into account, it is necessary to apply material with the same batch number on touching surfaces, or to mix materials from different batches in advance.

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