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CASTELLO is an exquisite decorative coating that is specially designed for exterior and interior works.
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facades, interiors
ground travertine, acrylic polymers
1,8-2,5 kg/m²
+ additional specifications

CASTELLO is an exquisite decorative coating that is specially designed for exterior and interior works. Ground natural travertine of various factions is the main filler in this product. CASTELLO takes the form of natural travertine stone after application through the use of special acrylic polymers and other auxiliary substances. CASTELLO also includes special synthetic reinforcing fibers that give excellent characteristics to this product. You can achieve a variety of surface textures due to the special structure of this material. Produced in biege base colour. 

CASTELLO SILICONE is a special formula of CASTELLO decorative coating with the addition of special silicones that make this material more permeable and water-resistant. Recommended for facades insulated with mineral basalt wool (available on request).

  • Prevents formation of surface cracks
  • Resistant to alkaline cleaning
  • High strength
  • Hides defects of surface preparation
  • High water vapor permeability
Application technologies

The surface before application must be solid, dry and free from dust, oil and grease. Places affected by mold and moss must be cleaned mechanically and primed with primer BIOZIDGRUND ELF™ or other special agents. 

Apply quartz-primer QuartzPrimer or quartz-primer QUARZGRUND ELF™ on the prepared surface and wait until it’s completely dry (fig. 1). The material can be applied in one or two layers. When applied in 1 layer it is recommended to use the quartz-primer previously tinted with the selected color. The coating should be applied evenly on the surface with a thin layer and then use the “pulling” technique over the entire surface with the help of stainless steel  plastering trowel (fig. 2).

After 10-15 minutes (after stabilization of moisture) begin to smooth the material to compact, seal and level the surface with a stainless steel  plastering trowel (fig. 3). Once the surface begins to dry up it is necessary to continue treating the surface using a plastic  plastering trowel to avoid blackening of the surface (fig. 4).

When the coating is applied in 2 layers use the same application technology as for Travertino Style (refer Travertino Style application technology), but use the plastic  plastering trowel in order to avoid blackening.

You can achieve the look of a natural polished travertine stone by treating surface with the use of electro-polishing tool after the complete drying of the product (24 hours). It is recommended to use such top coats as Finitura Castello or Velatura Vintage for Castello coating (fig. 5).

It is possible to tint Castello using universal colorants as well as using a computer tinting system. Also you should tint the top coats for Castello using universal colorants Decotoner or Toscana Toner or using a computer tinting system to achieve the patina effect. 



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