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This is a decorative coating based on natural lime
lime, mineral fillers
700-900 g/m²
+ additional specifications

This is a decorative coating based on natural lime. It is created on the combination of modern technologies and secrets of Italian masters. Composition of this unique decorative material allows you to imitate the structure of natural marble. MARMORINO STYLE will create an atmosphere of antique luxury and a special coziness in your home as well as the uniqueness of the interior.

The result will pleasantly surprise you and satisfy your highest requirements. MARMORINO STYLE coating can be applied in a variety of shades and colours, as well as in various application techniques.

  • High resistance to dirt
  • Possible cleaning with alkaline detergents
  • High strength
  • Can be applied in rooms with high humidity
  • Antifungal feature
Application technologies

Apply QUARTZ PRIMER or DECOR PRIMER to the prepared surface (fig. 1). MARMORINO STYLE should be applied on a perfectly prepared surface Add the selected dye or use computer tinting system and mix the material thoroughly before applying. The first layer must be applied with a stainless steel spatula or plastering trowel with creating the original pattern of the future coating at the same time (fig. 2). 

To obtain a more  expressive design small flaws are allowed. The surface must be treated with a sandpaper after the complete drying (4-6 hours). Apply the second layer by making alternating strokes in different directions. It is also possible to apply the 2nd layer with a brush or a stainless steel spatula or plastering trowel and using a “stippling” method (fig. 3). Then polish the surface after 15-20 minutes by making multi-directional movements. 

To give a deeper picture it is recommended to treat the surface with DECOR WAX, which will further show the structure. Use DECOR WAX TOSCANA to enhance the matte effect. Wax should be applied with a thin layer using a metal by making multi-directional movements (fig. 4).


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