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Сreates the effect of a smooth patina and adds to your interior the harmony and comfort of Mediterranean villas.
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mineral fillers, reinforcing fibers
1 kg/m²
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RIVIERA decorative coating creates the effect of a smooth patina and adds to your interior the harmony and comfort of Mediterranean villas. Create a heavenly place at your home, relax from the bustle and enjoy the harmony. This environmentally friendly coating is created specially for those who are interested in new design, interior architecture and decor trends.

  • Withstand cleaning with detergents
  • Hides defects in surface preparation
  • Easy to repair and to restore
  • Multi-texture coating (depending on the application technique)
Application technologies

Apply QUARTZ PRIMER on the prepared surface (fig. 1). Wait until it dries completely. Thoroughly stir the white base and use a plastic or metal  plastering trowel to apply it to the wall, creating light flaws and unevenness (fig. 2). 

Wait until the surface dries completely (24 hours). Treat the base layer with a sandpaper and prime it using D-11 ELF™ primer. The material has reinforced fibres, which prevents microcracks from appearing. 

Before applying DECOR WAX topcoat add the selected dye or use a computer tinting system and mix it thoroughly. Apply topcoat to the surface using a brush or roller (fig. 3), then grind it with a paint glove, sponge or spatula until the desired effect is achieved (fig. 4). To obtain modern coatings, you can use AZURE varnish-chameleons or SPECIAL WAX metallized waxes. 


It is recommended to ventilate the room for faster drying of the wax after the work is finished. VARNISH PROTECT varnishes are recommended to enhance protection

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