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Decorative covering with effect of natural limestone with the original invoice. The coating creates a special sense of the depth and naturalness of the natural cut of the stone and to the touch repeats the roughness of the stone.
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mineral fillers, reinforcing fibers
1-2 kg/m²
+ additional specifications

CANYON decorative coating with the effect of natural limestone will completely transform your walls giving them an original texture. This unique coating creates a special feeling of depth and naturalness of a stone cut. This coating imitates the roughness of the stone which keeps the secrets of the centuries even by touch. Due to the small quartz and sand particles contained in the material there appear grooves of different depths on the walls which are highlighted in the final stage with tinted topcoat.

CANYON perfectly masks defects on walls and protects the surface from microcracks due to its reinforcing fibers. This product is used for interior decoration.

  • Withstands cleaning with detergents
  • Hides defects in surface preparation
  • Prevents formation and development of cracks on the surface
  • Easy to repair and to restore
  • Soundproofing featured
  • Multi-texture coating (depending on the application technique)
Application technologies

Apply QUARTZ PRIMER to the prepared surface (fig. 1). Wait until it dries completely.

Apply a base coat to the surface using a metal spatula or plastic  plastering trowel (fig. 2). The application should be made from angle to corner without breaks in order to avoid material jointing. Then, with the same tool «stretch» the coating in the selected direction - vertically, horizontally or in a circular motion. Because of the grains contained in the base, which «scratch» the walls, small grooves appear on the surface after «stretching». Wait until the surface dries completely (24 hours). Treat the base layer with sandpaper and prime with OptiGrund D11 ELF™ primer. 

Before applying the SPECIAL WAX, AZURE or DECOR WAX topcoats add the selected dye or use a computer tinting system and mix it thoroughly. Apply topcoat to the surface using a brush or roller (fig. 3), then grind it with a paint glove, sponge or spatula until the desired effect is achieved (fig. 4).


It is recommended to ventilate the room for faster drying of the wax after the work is finished. VARNISH PROTECT varnishes are recommended to enhance protection.

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