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GROTTO decorative coating is based on natural lime. It is now used widely for decoration of interiors. This material has a high vapor permeability and antifungal properties. It has proved remarkably effective in humid environment.
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lime, mineral fillers
1-1,5 kg/m²
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GROTTO decorative coating is based on natural lime. It is now used widely for decoration of interiors. This material has a high vapor permeability and antifungal properties. It has proved remarkably effective in humid environment. GROTTO is your unique opportunity to create your own breathtaking interior with various decorative solutions. It is possible to obtain a variety of textures due to its special composition using different techniques of application.

Application technologies

Decorative coating should be applied exclusively to quality basis. The surface must be solid, dry, free of efflorescence, dust, dirt, oil and grease. Previously painted surfaces should be cleaned of old material and treated with sandpaper. The places affected by mold or moss should be thoroughly cleaned mechanically and treated with BIOZIDGRUND ELF™ primer or other special means.

Apply QUARTZ PRIMER or QUARZGRUND ELF™ primer to the prepared surface (Fig. 1). Wait until it’s completely dry. Apply 1st layer of GROTTO with a stainless steel spatula spreading the product evenly over the entire surface by the grain size (fig. 2) 

Apply the 2nd layer of GROTTO with a brush or a stainless steel plastering trowel and using a “stippling” method after the full drying of the first layer (fig. 3).


 It is also possible to apply material in one layer with subsequent processing with a plastic plastering trowel to give the original pattern (RIO technique) (fig. 4). 

When the coating is almost dry glaze it with a metal spatula (fig. 5). Before applying the decorative layer, it is recommended to prime the surface with VINILGRUND D-14 ELF™ primer. This will facilitate the application of the topcoat and protect against the emergence of docking spots. 

As a decorative and protective layer inside the premises, it is recommended to use a variety of finishing materials: DECOR WAX, DECOR WAX TOSCANA or VINTAGE (fig. 6).


It is also possible to apply the previously tinted GROTTO base with subsequent application of topcoats which will give an additional effect. To obtain modern coatings, you can use AZURE varnish-chameleons or SPECIAL WAX metallized waxes. VARNISH PROTECT varnishes are recommended to enhance protection. It is recommended to use the waterproofing AQUABARRIERE ELF™ primer and VINTAGE velature siloxano for subsequent decoration and the creation of the patina when performing exterior works.

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