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Decorative coating specially developed for facades. Creates a unique Mediterranean atmosphere.
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facades, interiors
mineral fillers, reinforcing fibers
1,2-1,7 kg/m²
+ additional specifications

Decorative coating specially developed for facades. Thanks to the synthetic fillers and reinforcing fibers contained in PALAZZO, in addition to an excellent decorative effect, the coating has excellent strength characteristics.

  • Prevents the formation and development of surface cracks
  • Withstands cleaning with alkaline detergents
  • Easy to repair and restore the appearance
  • Possesses high strength
  • High resistance to atmospheric precipitation
  • Hides surface preparation defects 
Application technologies

The surface must be solid, dry, and free from efflorescence, dust, dirt, oil and grease. Previously painted surfaces should be cleaned of old flaking material and should be cleaned by sandpaper. Places affected by mold or moss must be thoroughly cleaned mechanically and treated with BIOZIDGRUND ELF™ primer or other special means. 

Apply the QUARTZ PRIMER or QUARZGRUND ELF™ primer to the prepared surface depending on the selected texture (fig. 1). Wait until it dries completely. Thoroughly mix the white or tinted PALAZZO base and apply it using a plastic or metal  plastering trowel to the wall (fig. 2). Material allows you to improvise with different styles, so you can create any texture  according to your desire – you can use such techniques as RIO, «stippling» method as well as crewting the imitation of travertine stone (fig. 3, 4). Wait for the complete drying of the surface (24 hours). 

Treat the base layer with a sandpaper and prime it with OptiGrund D11 ELF™ or AQUABARRIERE ELF™ primer. Also ypu can use DECOR PRIMER for certain techniques. It is recommended to use VINTAGE velature siloxano for decoration and the creation of the patina (fig. 5). This topcoat can be tinted by adding the selected dye or using a computer tinting system.

It is necessary to protect the surface with the finishing façade compounds after this. We recommend to use D-105 ELF™ facade varnish for the walls with normal vapor permeability (brick, concrete). Mix it thoroughly before application and apply it with a brush or roller in 1 layer (or in 2 layers, if you add up to 30% water) (fig. 6), Special facade coatings with high vapor permeability should be used as the finishing layer for the walls with high vapor permeability (aerated concrete, limestone, walls, insulated with mineral wool). It is also possible to decorate PALAZZO using DECOR WAX topcoat with the obligatory subsequent application of D-105 ELF™ facade varnish as a protective coating. 



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