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Decorative paint with a "metallic" effect, based on acrylic binder and metallic effect pigments.
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for interior and exterior use
Acrylic dispersion, metallized effective pigments
125-170 g/m²
+ additional specifications

It is intended for the formation of semi-gloss finish coatings with a decorative "metallic" effect. Withstands high requirements for moisture, wear and weather resistance. It can be used on surfaces of both mineral and organic origin, including: decorative plaster, concrete, brick, plasterboard, putty, wood, MDF, fiberboard, chipboard, OSB, decorative stucco (from gypsum, polyurethane, polystyrene foam), primed metal , wallpaper, and previously painted surfaces that hold firmly.

  • Creates decorative "metallic" effects
  • Weatherproof and resistant to UV radiation
  • 1st class of resistance to wet abrasion
  • Has high adhesion to various types of bases
  • Does not contain organic solvents
  • Low consumption
  • Ecologically safe


Application technologies

Preparation of the base

The surface must be clean, dry, able to bear the load and meet the conditions of preparation according to the requirements. Dirt and substances that reduce the adhesion of the paint to the base: oil and grease stains, lubricating materials, bituminous mastics, previous unstable paint coatings, as well as weakly strong areas must be removed. Smooth the unevenness of the base with FinishSpachtel D60, FinishSpachtel D70 or FassadenSpachtel D200. Strong alkyd and oil coatings should be sanded and dusted.

Highly absorbent surfaces must be primed with such materials as the fixing primer "UniGrund" or the primer concentrate "GrundKonzentrat". "GipsGrund" should be used on plaster or clay surfaces. Highly alkaline surfaces are recommended to be primed with "VinylGrund D14". "BiozidGrund" should be used to prevent contamination or in case of existing contamination of the base with mold, mildew, algae or fungi.

For painting large areas, it is recommended to prime the surface with "Decor Primer" primer, tinted in the color closest in color and saturation to the selected "MetallicEffect Farbe" type, before applying the "MetallicEffect Farbe" paint.

Preparation of material

"MetallicEffekt Farbe" is a ready-to-use dispersion paint. Mix the contents of the package thoroughly with a hand stirrer, or vigorously shake the closed container. If necessary, to adjust the consistency, the paint can be diluted with water. Water should be added to each container in the same amount to avoid color differences.

Execution of works

Paint "MetallicEffekt Farbe" should be applied in 1-2 layers indoors, and 2-3 layers outside, evenly distributing it over the surface.

For 1 layer, it is recommended to dilute the paint with water up to 10%.

2nd and 3rd layer - it is recommended not to dilute the paint.

The choice of the tool determines the structure of the surface and the speed of execution of the work. A roller, brush or paint sprayer is used for application. To obtain special decorative effects during application, you can use stencils, special rollers, stamps, sea sponges, trowels or other tools. Before applying the next layers of paint, the previous ones must dry (under normal conditions, approximately 2-3 hours). On contact surfaces, or surfaces with a large area, it is necessary to apply material with the same batch number, or mix materials from different batches in advance.

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