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A universal concentrated dye based on natural iron oxide pigments
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TOSCANA TONER - is a universal concentrated dye based on natural iron oxide pigments. This dye is specifically designed for decorative coatings based on lime, but it is also suitable for toning all types of decorative coatings and paints.

Application technologies

Toscana Toner Colour System is specially designed for lime-based decorative coatings tinting such as Toscana, Grotto, Travertino Style, Marmorino Style, and it is also recommended for tinting textured TM «Elf Decor» products, such as: Palazzo, Coliseum, Castello, Castello Fine, Itaka, Canyon, Riviera, Country. Colours of Toscana Toner colorants represents several shades of gray which allow to obtain a variety of colors of concrete surfaces in its pure form or in a combination with each other. 

The amount and concentration of Toscana Toner dye was specially designed so that the bottle of a dye can be used for tinting the entire standard product packaging (15 kg). Therefore Toscana Toner Colour System is very simple and easy to use: select an appropriate color solution using the catalog, and just add specified in the recipe amount of bottles into a container with a decorative coating before starting the application, and mix. A further application of decorative coating should be made by standard application technology.

Method of use: add the dye contained in the bottle (75 ml) to a container with a decorative coating in proportion 75 ml of dye per 5 kg, 10 kg or 15 kg of material (depending on the desired saturation of color and according to the color chart) and mix thoroughly.

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Decotoner & ToscanaToner Color Chart
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